Anyone doing GFNY Santa Fe?

Anyone doing GFNY Santa Fe 2019?

My sister is trying to get me to do it - date isn’t the best but the “sibling rivalry at 7000 feet above sea level” makes it interesting.

I’ll be there, flying in on Thursday and leaving early Monday morning. I have done Cozumel and NYC, they put on a well supported race. I haven’t ridden at that elevation so it should be interesting.

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I’ve done some riding at elevation - 3 years ago I did a handful of centuries near Lake Tahoe with a lot of time above 7000’. Only a couple of big climbing rides up to 6000’ last year, as last year was focused on knee rehab (which turned out to be weak glutes).

Wasn’t racing any of those, so just needed to stay on top of nutrition and hydration. Do that and the same-day adjustment from sea-level wasn’t an issue. You definitely lose power at elevation, so if racing that needs to be taken into account.

Are you doing the medium or long course?

Long course and I am riding back to start line not taking the shuttle, its a 15 mile ride back downhill, thats a no brainer. Yeah my biggest problem is nutrition, I am good with hydration but always seem to get behind in the nutrition department. You have an idea on the psercentage of FTP lost going from sea level to 7,000 to 9,000 feet?

TR podcast often talks about it, most recently in the context of going from 4500’ (Reno) to races in California (sea level).

I googled “cycling ftp and elevation” and this seems like a good article to review:

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Interesting read thanks, I knew they talked about elevation and power loss but really haven’t spent to much time looking for it yet.

Here it is Feb 2020 and I’m considering the GFNY Championship but really don’t know how to qualify for the age group option. On the qualification page it looks like a steep set of standards. Then on the FAQ page it says you do NOT have to qualify. Anyone know about this? Are there events I can use to qualify? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

I did Sante Fe last year, as a sea level guy I struggled mightly on the climb up to the ski basin, I had a very good go untill that last climb. I thought it was poorly run for a GFNY event (I have done NYC several times and Cozumel for comparisons). The “qualify” for the NYC event is the be in the front starting corrals, if you just register or aren’t finisher in the top 20% of your age group in a different GFNY event then you just slot into your age group corral. The NYC event is extremely well run and a very very good time.

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Thank you drh239! I’m sorry to hear about your Sante Fe experience but am encouraged by NYC! I have sent them an eMail, too, but it sounds like I can just ride if I want to!? Thanks for the clarification on the corrals. It would be fun to ride but its a little intimidating. I’m from that area (in OH now) and used to run XC at Bear Mountain in HS so it would be fun to return.