Anybody move from edge 530 to 1040?

I went from a 530 to 1040 to ROAM V2 to 1040 :slight_smile:

I was getting wonky issues with my 530 - mostly terrible rerouting. On my first 1040, I was getting issues with the device ending rides prematurely, but that could’ve been user error. I’m happy with my second 1040.

I got my 1040 and I’ve used on probably 5-10 rides. Sync has been really good, but the touch screen isn’t good enough with gloves on. It works, but it’s a pain. Probably a good reason to get the remote.

I went to a 1030 years ago, obviously, and love it still. The screen size is so much more viewable and multiple data points showing is finally usable. I’ve never regretted it. At the time, though, I had a job that made the price difference doable. Now, retired, the delta to the 1040 is hard to swallow. I have some FOMO over the new added features to the 1040, and longer battery life would be nice, but I will probably go the Garmin battery swap service rather than spring for a 1040. I guess, if you could accept it, getting a lightly used 1030 and getting the battery swapped (or Garmin swap) when/if it needs it could be an option. At least it’d be more affordable, and have some/most of the benefits. Just an idea…

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First rides with the 1040 done. Still a lot to learn after 530, but so far quite happy. The syncing after the ride does not happen automatically, need to do some googling about that. Another thing is that although the 1040 recognizes the climbs fine, the location of the climb is sometimes hundreds of meters wrong. Is this a common thing? The russians are interfering with the GPS signals in the baltic sea area: could it be a reason for the climb location issues too?

Are you referring to climbs without a route? That depends on the underlying data, which can be inaccurate, and it can also start climbs early.

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Yes, climbs without a route. We don’t have any real climbs here, but it often happens that I have climbed a short climb and am already descending after it, when the 1040 pops up the climb screen. Not very big issue for me though.

Had a similar upgrade debate but, after seeing the 1040 in person and on my bike, the screen was almost too big for my preference(s).

I ended up getting the 840 and, I’ll tell you, it’s been awesome. As someone who likes to venture out my bike (and often get lost), the touchscreen functionality for the map is an awesome upgrade. Plus, all the other features like EatMyRide are very welcomed for big training days and planning.


I went 830 to 1030+ which ended up being swapped for a 1040 by Garmin. I got it mostly for screen size for my old eyes because I don’t wear prescription glasses while riding (needed for reading). I am fan of Climb Pro, Potential-Stamina, and getting into Power Guide. Using it means planning courses which isn’t something I always do.

I’m in Austin Texas and the climbs are about 40m behind where I’m at. Garmin 840. Not routed. Just riding.

I made the jump from 530 to 1040 mainly because 540 was not available at the time last year, and the 530 battery capacity was reduced. Also, the screen of 530 had taken some beating.

I am happy with the 1040 but for MTB it could be a bit smaller. I still keep 530 for commuting. Atleast i save few seconds here and there to swap the computers.

The 1040 usability with touch screen is much improved vs 530 buttons. Also everything works much faster.


Went from 830 to 1040 solar. Never got on with the screen and sold it after about 5 months. Found the larger size counter intuitive , some of the fonts are tiny and hard to see. The screen is very glossy and dull.

830 to 1040, worth every penny. Screen size superb, battery amazing. Would never go back to a small one.

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Has it been worth it – considering this as well for same reasons?

Depends on your vision. I have no issues reading the screen but I also don’t mess with things, like waypoints etc often.

Is there a way to change the time data fields on the 1040 so the hours aren’t so tiny? I need the bigger text size, but the config for the timing / duration / etc. is good for mins & secs, but tiny for hrs.

You’re best option would be to find a ConnectIQ data field that’ll show time/duration in a more standard format.

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I think I’m using this data field in my edge 840 to show the hours in full sized font. I don’t have my bike computer in front of me, but I think was it.

Yes, I have two of these. I primarily use them on my MTBs, where my hands are far from the computer, but I’ve also used one of the rubber mounts on my gravel bike. It’s more difficult to use the o-ring mounts on grip bars with the handlebar tape, but it’s still useful! Placement just takes some experimenting.

Thanks @wake - that’s brilliant! Also love the double entendre of “old timer” :slight_smile:

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