Anybody knows what Garmin data screen this is?


whenever I am navigating this additional data screen turns up and shows some distances. How can I switch it off? I switched off segments, climbPro, elevation just to try if this screen gets eliminated.
No, whenever i set up navigation and choose a course it is there and is useless.
How to get rid of it?

Thank you

Ok, this seems to be the Garmin Segments Page.
Despite the fact that I switched off Segments, disabled all segments the page still pops up once I chose a course which includes Segments I starred.

Anybody an idea how to solve this without having to delete my Segments?

The technicality of it is over my head but there are many threads about this on the garmin forums. I haven’t seen a clean and easy fix for it yet. Hopefully somebody can post one because I too wish that weren’t present.

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If a segment is starred in GC or Strava, it pops up on screen. I had an annoying one on our club TT until I realised what was triggering it and un-starred the segment in Strava.

Edit :the segment is still there (not deleted) just un-starred.

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thanks! does this mean by un-starring the segment i will not be able to follow the segment anymore?

I have various profiles on my edge, one where I would like to just focus on low base rides… no challenge, no pushing for it… segments switched off!

and another profile for hard work, including segments where i want to beat myself…

would unstarrig garmin segments mean I will not have those segments anymore while riding my hard profile?

I’m not sure about followed segments, I don’t follow any. I’m not sure what the rule is about unpopular (hidden) segments in Strava either, after a while it might go there but the segment is still there and you might have to click ‘show hidden segments’ but you can still click on the segment in Strava and see all your efforts.

thx, i am not using strava segments, i am only using garmin segments.

So I just checked it on garmin connect:
whenever I have crossed a Garmin segment on my trips it recorded my time, no matter if i starred this segment or not… all times ng recorded.
So starring is just a way of finding your favorite segments later again.

Now I will unstar all segments and see if the popup screen disappears. thx alot to all for the input.

Another Edit:
It is not segments, it is the options “course points” which needs to be switched off in all courses settings on the edge itself. a bit annoying but ok, so the link above was rigth!

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