Anybody have this problem..... sticking chain on MTB?

Been a waxed chain fanatic for years. However on my MTB with Shimano XT 12 speed the links stick to the front chainring after about 20 miles of use…it actually feels like your rear shifting is out of adjustment. Never happened when I ran SRAM Eagle. If you put the bike on a stand and pedal slowly you can see the links stick then pop off. Granted this happened with a brand new drivetrain and three new chains…one XT chain and two KMC. Thinking about going back to regular lube on the MTB chain.

Is it possible that you have the links of the chain out of phase with the chainring teeth? The longer tooth of the chainring should mesh with the wider gate of the chain. It’s easy to get this wrong when reinstalling the chain.

I dont think so…the chain wont even go on the chainring out of phase.