Help, stiff quick link after waxed chain

Hey all, I just waxed my chain for the first time. Process went well, but when I went to reinstall with a new quick link I’m having an issue. Namely, the quick link won’t rotate freely after snapping in place. I’ve tried working it with my hands, but it’s not just wax stiffness, something else is going on. Chain is a ybn, as are the links. Both are brand new.

I’m totally new to this, is there an orientation error? I tried to line up the link so the text matched the text on the outside of the chain.

Thanks for any help!

I would go ride it around the block a couple times - the wax is just in the groves - this will work out

Obviously with care - it take a good 5 - 10 min to shed all the excess wax - then the chain gets nice and smooth


I actually just waxed another link and it was totally better. Still a little stiff but worlds different. Don’t know what was up with that one, but I’m going to bin it.

Could be the leftover hardened wax prevented outer plate of quick-link to snap into place on the rivet/pin flush against inner plate correctly. If a hairdryer or heat source (lighter) is handy you could warm up the area and try again after wax softens enough to squeeze out of the way.


Something I learned the hard way and by talking with the guys at Molten Speed wax, dont hang the chain to dry by the hole on the end where the quick link pins go through as it can cause the roller to get tight on that link…I had several chains come out of the wax with no roller on the end. They said to hang it by the plates (through the part where the sprocket tooth would go)…since I’ve been doing that I have had no issues.

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This is really helpful. I have been hanging by where the pin would go and I have had two chains where the roller/metal part comes off and the inner part detaches, if that makes any sense at all. Thanks for mentioning this.