Video of my chain slipping off while sprinting today

I kept it up!! :smiley:

We’ve got that promised “How to Sprint” video coming soon!





no chain waxing for me!

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“F#**ing SRAM!” But seriously why did that happen?


I think Nate already ditched the SRAM from that bike.

‘Why’ can vary, but chain line is one factor.
Chain and sprocket wear is another.

When something slips, pops or fully breaks, it unleashes a massive amount of force in a new direction. Usually means a crash, and anyone who stays up should buy a lottery ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was Di2 with a YBN chain. I’m going to try a Dura-ace chain now.

We think it slipped off the cassette, but we’re not sure. It was off both the front and rear at the end…maybe it was the front?

Everything is really new on it.


That is crazy, glad you rode it out.

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My shenanigans went on for another 2 seconds or so…I was pretty scared!


Recovered like a pro!

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I’ve had that happen twice and both times were due to worn front chainring. Great save! Reminds me of this guy and “Will He Save It?”

In a race situation, in a tight bunch, that’s likely a collarbone. Glad it happened in in testing and the only thing wrecked are the bib shorts :wink:

Front chain ring may be slight bent


Super bike handin skills. Did you consider KMC?

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It’s brand new! But I’ll check it out

What gear combination were you in? Were you cross chained a lot? Was the b screw (chain gap) correctly adjusted to maximize chain wrap?

:open_mouth::grimacing: Well held is all I can say! Is there a lot of slack in the chain i.e. could another couple of links be taken out? I know derailleurs take up the slack, but a slightly shorter chain should still take up the slack a little more.

Or perhaps it’s one of those things that you just couldn’t really account for and on any other day the chain would have stayed on.

I know it wasn’t SRAM, but I can’t help but note that the Polish word “sram” means “I’m taking a shit”. I guess Nate did have his diaper full within a second, so your suspicion may have been guided by subconscious knowledge of a semi-obscure Central European language.

Nice save.



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Gawd - reminds me of that small, simple mechanical failure a large number of years back. Badly threaded freewheel (that tells you how far back) stripped off the hub in the middle of a climb (that stiff one in the Quebec UCI race). I’m still surprised I was able to reproduce after that.


Hi Nate,

What was your rpm? My experience is that small cogs and high force make it more likely for the chain to skip. Back in the old days (late '70s and early '80s) when 6 and 7 speed were brand new you could make a chain skip by putting huge pressure on the smallest (13T and 14T) cogs. Often that would rip teeth off of the cogs. This is the reason that I never use the smallest cogs at very low rpm if I can avoid it.

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