If you could have only (1) cx tire?

Favorite cx tire if you could have only (1) All Purpose ?

Where you riding and what typical terrain/conditions?

donnelly mxp (formerly clement mxp) are pretty well regarded as an all-around tire. I found it worked good enough for one of the muddiest events recently, and does well in drier conditions.


All conditions

I second the MXP. It’s a pretty good all around tire. I have a pair on my CX bike right now that serve me well. if it’s a pretty dry/firm course I may choose a tire that is more of a file tread, but the MXP still rolls pretty well.

Would choose MXP!

Hi all. Rather than start new thread on cx tyres, thought I’d revive this one!

We have a local SUMMER CX series (from about early May to early Aug). Pretty much all on grass as in local parks/fields and usually dry…But obviously with UK weather can be damp/wet.

Wanted some tyres for this (clinchers) and after suggestions. Thinking MXP (as seem v popular above!), Grifos, Victtoria Terrano (Mix or Dry…and can you run them with tube or only tubeless?) As @Nate_Pearson spoke highly of them. Any comments and suggestions welcome

I ran Grifos with Latex Tubes and MXP tubeless on another wheelset and I found the MXPs to be much more confidence inspiring in the corners. It’s possible that the Grifo’s roll a little faster in the grass, however, being able to carry a bit more speed in all of the corners was worth the (negligible) trade-off for me.


Great cheers. I use latex tubes but never tried tubeless and not even sure if my wheels will do it! Favouring MXP but wanted advice. I assume you can fun timeless tyres (like victorria terraino) with a tube?
Many thanks

Schwalbe X-One Allround



If I had to pick one for all conditions, plan for the worst, Schwalbe X-One Bite.

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I ran the Grifo’s both with Conti Competition tubes, and later tubeless, I live in Texas so everything here is soft over hard, or if you go down by the coast you can find some sloppy mud and sand. Up here the Grifos were very good, very fast, and great all around traction, EXCEPT in the slop.

Since those wore out, I’ve been running Conti speeds in the rear with with Cyclocross race in the front (both tubeless with orange seal) and for us here, dusty over hard pack, I wouldn’t change a thing.

As always, it’s going to differ based on the terrain and conditions, but as long as its not muddy this is what I’d take as my one tire. It’s the sexiest choice, Conti doesn’t seem to be too popular with the cross set, but its good and fast here. I even ride it on single track sometimes.

Yep! You can run a tube inside of a tubless tire without any issues.

Agreed—I ran these all season (this season) in dry, mud, snow and they performed amazingly between 22-28 psi tubeless. So supple and grippy. I weigh 81kg.

But would you use them for a SUMMER CX series?

MXP all day.

Summer cx and mostly grass? File tread all day.
Tufo Cubus tubulars ran at 20-22 psi this past cx season. Had file treads on another wheel set for the grassy races as well.

Thought about file treads but ok on wet grass…often rains in UK even in summer…won’t be mud really but damp grass