Any DJI Action 2 users

Any forum members got real world experience of using the DJI Action 2 camera on a mountain bike? What mount(s) are you using? How do you find the footage quality and battery life? Comparisons to GoPro or other action cams welcome.


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I don’t have much to add to this other than I’m considering this device also. If I end up with it, I’ll be sure to report back, but I’m hoping someone chimes in with experiences in the meantime.

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I went with the Insta360 RS 4K and 1 inch mods in the end. The DJI has a major limitation in its waterproofing. A pretty big oversight for an action camera but maybe the vlogger market is more where it’s aimed at.

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Re: the waterproofing, do you mean because it requires a waterproof case for the additional modules?

Also, how is the battery life on the rs 4k? Spec sheet says 75 minutes at 4k/60fps. Does that line up with your experience?

Yes, the need for a case for additional modules. Some reviewers have found the camera itself becomes unresponsive underwater, i.e., the touchscreen doesn’t work when wet. After suffering with a Samsung watch that goes into meltdown if I wear a rain jacket I wasn’t going to risk having an unresponsive camera (it rains a lot here).

60-75 mins is the battery life I’m getting. I bought a spare battery but have yet to use it. The battery is easy enough to swap.

One other observation is that I think the one inch mod highlights the limitations of such small cameras. It’s a nice lens with lots of contrast but I do think it is more sensitive to fluctuations in light and showing grain when the light level drops as you pass into shade. You also have to add the image stabilisation with Insta’s editing software if you are using the 5.3K setting. The Insta editing software is very basic.

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