Any Buff/Neck Gaiter recommendations (for Covid-19 rules in my locality)?

It would mainly be for MTB rides. We’re supposed to be wearing masks if outdoors and can’t maintain 6 foot separation.

Thanks in advance.

Buff. Are you not riding solo?

Don’t think it really matters, they are not really designed for this purpose.
If you are required to wear a face mask when going out and can not maintain social distance I would suggest staying indoors and using TrainerRoad

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Ok…disregarding all arguments regarding the adequacy of these re: protection from virus sized particles:

I’m riding solo. I’m riding rollers indoors mainly but trying to get out on the trails once a week to keep up the technical skills. To get to my local trails, there aren’t any trailheads. So I have to ride for a few minutes on a hike and bike trails. Once I’m on the trails, I rarely see another MTBer. So I was thinking a buff/gaiter would suffice for the part of the ride that occurs on the hike and bike trails. I’m looking into whether or not I can use roads to get to the trails as an alternative. The USA Cycling recommendation is great (support USA Cycling). Thanks!