Bought a gravel bike whats the etiquette, baggies or Lycra

Just a question about cycling etiquette with gravel bikes baggy shorts or roadie style all the way?

It’s whatever you want to wear! You will see both on gravel rides, so you do you.


Depends on your style and what your needs are! If you care about your speed dress like a roadie and go full aero. If you want pockets for food, clothes, etc. wear a jersey or get bags. Want to be more casual? Wear baggies and a shirt.

It can be anything you want!

Anything from a speedsuit to sweatpants is OK.

This applies to all bikes, not just Gravel.

If anyone has a problem with that, smoke 'em.


Sometimes I wear my baggy mtb kit on the roadbike, just to confuse people. :yum:
Even more fun when you fly past a not so fit rider with all the “pro” stuff.


Lycra…always lycra.


Look at your legs. Are they shaved, or not? Are you wearing white socks with black shoes? DO YOU LOOK GOOD NAKED?
There’s plenty of non baggy MTB kit available. Why punish the public with undies on the outside unless it’s a race.
Nobody needs to see that s@$t while having a coffee at the end of their hike.

If you don’t look good in Lycra you might as well buy an eBike. :wink:


To quote Ted King “Mullet Protocol.
Business Lycra up front, baggies and blue jeans party in the back”

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