Ant+ stick recommendations

Basement flooded and I lost one of my ant+ sticks. Spent $17 on a cycplus replacement from amazon and …got what I paid for. It doesn’t work w/ ERG mode. I’d love to find another suunto movestick mini, but it seems they’re out of production. Can anyone recommend a working ant+ stick?

I have a couple of the Anself USB adapters. They work well on Windows and Android.

Thanks. I’m on macOS so it would be great to find something that is confirmed working w/ ERG on that platform.

I always used my Garmin one that came with my Vector 2 pedals. Always been super reliant but don’t know if they can be bought separately.

I found some for sale for $20 from digikey, part # antusb-m manufactured by Garmin Canada. I’m going to give them a try.