ANT+ connectivity broken on MacOS [RESOLVED ✅]

A few weeks ago the beta version of the MacOS app introduced a bug that disabled ANT+ connectivity. In “Devices” it shows “ANT+ Off” in the upper right corner. I have confirmed that my 2 ANT+ sticks are not broken, so i know this is a bug. As a workaround, i stopped using the beta version of the MacOS app and started using the stable version. That worked until today, when I received a forced update, and now ANT+ connectivity is broken in both the beta and stable versions.

Can anyone else confirm this has happened to them? I want to rule out things specific to my Mac. Already emailed support, but thought I’d check here, too.

MacOS v. 13.2.1 (22D68) on a MacBook Air M1



I just ran into this tonight. Very frustrating. Updated the app when I opened TR. I was able to use Bluetooth but it’s spotty on my older Mac (2015) and had to deal with drop outs. Hopefully a fix is pushed quickly.


Update: support replied very quickly to my email, and said that they’d “recently released a device improvement setting that should help TrainerRoad to communicate with your devices. To see if this setting could be causing issues, I’ve disabled it, so could you please go ahead and try to connect your devices again using ANT+.”

It seems like they were able to flip some kind of server-side switch that turned off this new “device improvement setting,” and it did the trick.


ANT+ not working on my mac! what is the fix?

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Hey there – seems like this new bug just popped up, but our developers are aware of it now and working on getting it fixed.

@NateP I just toggled a setting to “off” from TR’s end that should help you out – you’ll just have to make sure to close out and restart your app (if it is currently open).

@OneShotWunder looks like TR Support got your account sorted, so same thing – once you restart your TR app, you should be all set!

Please reach out to me or TR Support if you’re having problems with this bug and we can get it fixed while our devs solve this issue and come up with an app-wide release.


Updated to the latest macOS tr app version and everything is working perfect! Thank you


@NateP great to hear!! :tada:

Our developers released a hot fix for this issue yesterday evening, so updating to the latest version of the MacOS TR app should have this bug squashed. :no_entry_sign: :bug: :no_entry_sign:

Feel free to let me or TR Support know if you have any more trouble.

Hi @ZackeryWeimer , I’m still seeing these same Ant+ issues with TrainerRoad on my Macbook Pro (verified that Ant+ dongle is recognized and behaving as expected with Zwift). Is that toggle on TR’s side still in use, or was that deprecated after the hotfix went out?

Worth adding that I’m running an older intel MacBook Pro (definitely not running the iOS app which doesn’t support Ant+)

Have you checked if the ANT+ devices shows up if you plug out and plug in the ANT+ stick? I have to do that from time to time.