Did you get anything to work - would be interesting to see what you came up with!

I used the python ant+ library on a raspberry pi to make an analogue hrm gauge. Next step is to add power and cadence gauges


I’ve just used adapted this post and code to post to MQTT.

it works really well and helps me get setup for my sessions much quicker as I get it to set the lights as well as cooling. I just trigger it off power > x for 30 seconds.

Me personally, I would not choose Reto Röllins site as a source for your project, because of legal protection of the site. But there are other sources available for MQTT projects, which are not protected.

I tried to connect Jukka Happonens Polar Sensor Logger app which supports MQTT to a Rasperri PI running a Home Assistant image to stream Polar OH1 sensor data into InfluxDB and Grafana, without success. But I think it is worth to try it once more.

Someone already managed to stream the wellness sensor data from a Garmin watch to Home Assistant, but not the activity data.

Andreas Spiess developed a Rasperri PI image which can stream sensor data from a weather station to InfluxDB and Grafana. No MQTT, but very nice. You can see all the weather data in Grafana in real-time. What about a modification of Andreas Spiess Rasperri PI image for ANT+ and BLE sports sensors? Developers welcome.

The code for ANT+ over MQTT is legally protected by Reto Röllin from Infinity Flow. For ANT+ sensors, there always licensing questions. This is not the case for BLE sensors. There is now a Raspberri Pi available, which is similar to the Raspberri PI ANT+ MQTT. It is a BLE Raspberri PI with MQTT. It is from balena, but it is a GITHUB project, licensing is only a copyright notice and
state changes.

As described previously by a user in this forum, ANT+ can be connected over MQTT to Home Assistant. With the new BLE Raspberry PI MQTT, there are as far as I know now legal issues, and it is available on a GITHUB page. I have reviewed this topic on my personal website, where you can find all the resources for BLE MQTT. I have written an open letter to a developer who developed a demo for Home Assistant for the Apple App. The path over the BLE Raspberri PI would be better than over the Apple watch, as you can read in the open letter:

The path over the described Raspberry Pi is better, since it allows to connect sensors directly to the BLE Raspberri and offers more options than the Apple watch. For those who are interested in BLE MQTT, you can find all the resources for it on my personal website: