Arofly — one more Kickstarter power meter

Not trying to advertise here and not much interested in contributing to their campaign, but take a look anyway. Their concept is putting a accelerometers on valve stems. It would seem that the location is poor place to measure power but you get a nice bonus in measuring tire pressure.

it’s not totally new, which is weird that it’s popping back up now, the initial rollout was not good at all.

from 2017

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If you scroll down in their campaign page, they mention “2017 First generation came out & feedback collected”.

It also won’t work with direct drive/stac zero trainers I assume.

Just lol

“Algorithmic technology…”

I do wonder how this’d compare to a dfpm. It doesn’t seem to be ant+ (?). It figures out gradient with ahead unit (?).

Why call it Arofly?

If you want power and cadence you need their power meter + their cadence sensor + a hub to gather both signals together and send them to a head unit.

It went from interesting to “what on earth” very quickly with that.


Such an odd concept, and I can’t see how they would’ve made much improvement.

Ive funded one vaporwear project. Never again lol. I would rather pay 32% more for something that actually works or will actually get delivered.

I’m cheap and love to save money but I hate getting taken for a ride!

Also I will never fund a company that goes back to kickstarter a second time. If they did not make a viable product/company the first time through I cant trust them on repeated attempts.

Version 1. 1.5 stars out of 5


Scroll to #5

And the quest for the holy grail of cycling power continues (i.e. an inexpensive yet reliable power meter)…

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GPLama has already said that Cheap Price + Power Meter + Kickstarter = Bad

I’m just being polite on Twitter. What I really think about this would get me in trouble for posting. :wink:

There’s so much that’s dodgy about this that doesn’t add up. US$6000 funding goal? Now they’re flexing about being 182% funded? If this was a real scam they’d have aimed at $100k given what IQ2 raised. I don’t think this is a scam. It’s not that advanced.


It’s not a scam, but it’s not likely to result in a usable power meter either, from the looks of it

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There is already a physics (algorithm) based power meter and it even includes wind resistance- The AeroPod from Velocomp who previously had the Newton. Some of the coolest features of the Newton were the amount of time braking and waster motion metrics. Great for road and gravel not so much for MTB though.

This was my first power meter. Got it second hand on ebay for under $200 a handful of years back. Served me well as a newbie for a couple months until I upgraded.

Why? There a 100 power meters in the market and pretty cheap too. Anyone who wants to bring another one in there is a scam in my eyes.

Same here. I found that it was quite consistent with direct meters- I think that it actually can capture the initial hard acceleration from a coast that crank based ones can miss or at least miss compared to the Newton.

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