Announcing "Endurance in Zone" for Garmin devices

My first thought was this app could be good for the FasCat “ride until X minutes of SweetSpot” rides (assuming he adds the upper limit)


There’s already a standard Garmin field for “time in zone”. Guess the limiter for that is that it’s fixed on your power zones and can’t be customised for specific workouts without adjusting your power zones. And there isn’t a SS zone.


Yeah, in retrospect I should have used another term than “zone.”

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Turns out the app works really well for outdoor interval workouts too. I just did Dremsel, a 4x11 SS workout. I set the target to 44 minutes, and then I simply rode each interval until I reached a multiple of 25% duration done.

The first three were on hills, so they were easy enough to manage. The final one had all the typical ingredients of an outdoor ride, and it would be hopeless to keep track of it without this little app :star_struck:


Yeah, it’s the kind of app you didn’t know you needed :grinning:

But honestly, it’s probably not for everyone, and that’s okay!

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Is edge 530 compatible?

Haven’t tested it yet but I just downloaded it to mine from Connect IQ and was able to select my Edge 530 and it is listed as compatible.


Yes, it is in fact compatible with any Garmin bike computer or watch that can run IQ data fields.


the 100% is when you’ve met the time requirements of the workout in the desired zone?

If I understand this correctly, this is great!


Is it possible to configure it without the time component?

I.e. just the >240W and green/red?

I was thinking in terms of aesthetics and trying to make it tidier to look at.


You have to set the duration to something, but you can just ignore it.

It is a good idea, though, that you should be able to set duration to 0, and there would be no duration and no percentage. Noted.


So Garmin Connect won’t currently let me search for your CIQ app.

For those looking for the coloured square, I found this one in my scrolling

TLDR: If you’ve already installed this data field, I strongly recommend that you update to the latest version. It is very easy to do.

It has happened to me twice that halfway into a multi-hour ride I would take a break, and when I jumped on the bike again, the time in zone progress would have reset itself to zero. No fun!

Garmin can and will restart an app at any time, and on my Edge 820 it apparently happens when both my heart rate sensor and power meter goes out of range or goes idle. I’ve now implemented proper saving and loading of progress data when this happens. I’ve been able to consistently reproduce the issue on my device, so I have also been able to verify that the fix works.


Sorry for silly question - does it do range? Or is the 2nd zone the thru number for the 1st zone?

The zones are independent. Let’s say your prescribed workout is like this:

  • 15 minute warmup.
  • 30 minutes at 170W.
  • 20 minutes at 190W.
  • 30 minutes at 170W.
  • 5 minute cooldown.

I would configure two zones for this, one with 170W as target and the other with 190W. What should the durations be? For the second one, it is easy: 20 minutes. But what about the first one? Is it 2 * 30 minutes? Actually, it is 80 minutes. Remember, the zones are independent of each other, and you will stay above 170W for 80 minutes, not just 60.


Hey, congrats on the tough workout. I just did 60 minutes @ 245 W myself, and that was with some breaks. Doing it for 150 minutes continuously would be unbearable!

I wondered if I should tell you that you might want to set the target a little lower, because you get no credit at all when you’re below. But it looks like you figured that out yourself.

Yes, 268 W average, but only 82% above 255 W makes sense. It indicates that you weren’t perfectly stable, which is exactly the nature of riding outdoors.

It really is tougher than it sounds to stay above target power for a target duration!

By the way, it sounds like you were determined to ride continuously for 150 minutes, and that when you were below target you were still close. So of course you can take that average power as evidence that you reached your workout goal. In this sense you didn’t really need the app. But the app becomes more useful in the cases where you can’t do your target duration continuously. Then it will keep track of your completed duration, so you don’t have to.

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Hey, that’s pretty cool to hear!

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