Android user here....should I update my Kickr Core firmware?

I can’t get my Kickr Core to calibrate in TR, but have no problems doing a regular or factory spindown in the Wahoo app. It tracks well with my Assiomas (Kickr about 1% high oddly :thinking:), so part of me thinks “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

The problem is I’m in a house full of Samsung users and apparently you can no longer update the firmware from a Samsung device. I’d have to track down someone with an Apple phone which seems like a pain.

Auto calibration would be nice and I don’t use Zwift. For folks who’ve been in a simlar position…is it worth trying to update or just carry on as is?


Turn off ERG mode to calibrate. Oh I forgot, latest firmware includes auto calibration, so yeah update

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Hey @FrankTuna!

If you can do a spindown calibration in the Wahoo app then you’re good to go! The calibration gets stored within the trainer and gets transferred to the TR app.

The benefit of upgrading the firmware is that the calibration would be automatic, so no hassling anymore :sunglasses:

Wahoo noted: Due to changes made in the Android Bluetooth architecture in a recent update to Android 13, Samsung phones on Android 13 currently prevent effective use of our standard firmware update processes for Android users.

Does someone in the household have an Android that hasn’t been updated to Android 13?


Thanks Caro! Unfortunately we all have newer Samsung phones except for 1 person whose phone is so old it apparently doesn’t even have the Google Play store :rofl:

I’ll probably see if I can find a friendly iPhone user to borrow their device.

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I only have samsung android devices (currently on android 14) and have had no problems updating, currently I am on 4.3.0 on my kickr v5 (which is the latest version) and I remember upgrading too

I tried 3 different Samsung phones (2 on Android 14 and 1 still on 12) and none of them would work. :melting_face:

Maybe it’s something due to the Core vs your V5.

Is this new? I updated my Core with my Android a couple weeks ago. I also couldn’t use TR for spindown.