And that's a wrap on racing for me for the season

After a spring and early summer spent performing better and better at every race, I arrived at CO state crit champs yesterday (sunday) ready to go. 10min into the race there was a crash, a guy fell into me and ripped my rear derailleur off. I was never in any danger of going down but, not how I wanted to end my season.

I’m moving to Phoenix, AZ next week and they’re done racing until next season for the most part. Not sure when I’ll race next.

So, I’m in my off season!

Blogpost forthcoming with my thoughts on returning to racing from cancer.

Thanks TrainerRoad crew for helping me get back and even get a few top 5’s!



We’re so happy we could be part of your season this year! Awesome work and enjoy your well-deserved off season :relieved:.


Hmmm… you have all that fitness and you season didn’t end well due to no fault of your own. If it were me I’d be looking for one last event, anywhere, just to exploit those hard earned gains. Unless you’re content, don’t have that “what could have been” feeling all off season.

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I hear you. I’m moving to AZ this week and won’t have a job. They’re done racing for the season down there so no races to do really. Thought about going to SoCal to race, or even flying back here to CO but, no job=no $. So… off season.


Just finished my last spin today for my first years training with Trainer Road. (Sugar loaf) 4 six min efforts at 102% FTP in TT. One of my last races for the year is this Sunday. After that I’ll keep spinning 2x a week in the maintenance program (not going to let go of the fitness gains this year which will be a first) and a weekend outdoor ride.

Starting in August will be next season’s training. It is a long season as the A race will be in Holland in September of 2020. I have time for a Base - Build - Base - Build - Specialty phase with a few week of slack to handle any illness that always seems to come around December.

This training year that I have just completed mid volume SSB, MV Sustain Power Build and Specialty middle distance IM-MV. Had a tough time on the longer spin sets in TT in the specialty phase as I did not do the triathlon base and build programs. I actually never did any WO outside, which here in Victoria BC on the west coast I could actually go ride outside for most of the year. Hard to imagine (oct 2018 to July 2019, 3 to 5 spins a week, all inside!)

What is interesting is when I tried to do some longer 2 hours plus aerobic spins this spring, I was completely wiped out!

Next season I will do MV long distance Triathlon as I think I have neglected my aerobic fitness. (use to do 4 to 6 hour rides on the weekend in preparation for IM events) And I think this will be the proper thing to do from which to build my FTP in the base next year.

Thanks Trainer Road, I’m looking forward to seeing my legs fully recover by the end of the summer from all this hard training!

Do they do other sorts of racing there? TT, MTB, 'cross, track, rollapoluza :crazy_face: ?
If so, and you have or can borrow the equipment, it might be fun to carry your hard-won fitness into a different activity. Otherwise I guess you’ll be stuck on maintenance until they get going again in AZ (which is when?).

Blogpost up with my thoughts on the season and my move to AZ! It’s HOT here! LOL!



Can’t speak for road but MTB starts up in northern AZ in September if you’re interested.

September has Barn Burner (Leadville Qualifier) in Flagstaff and Fire on the Rim in Pine.

October has Tour of the White Mountains (an Epic Rides event) in Pinetop and then I believe a 6 hour race in Prescott.

And then November has the Cave Creek Cactus Classic in, well, Cave Creek.

I don’t have a mountain bike and, honestly, don’t have the buy in or good will from the wife to be driving to N. AZ on the weekends! LOL!

Well there’s your first problem :wink:.

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