Anaerobic workouts for endurance events

Evening, I am currently following a low volume plan in preparation for a 200k gravel event in September. I used the plan builder to get the workouts. After the first phase I got a decent increase in FTP which I am very happy about. I am now in the build phase which includes 1 x VO2, 1 x anaerobic and 1 x threshold workouts in that order for the full phase. My question is as the event is predominantly endurance based, would I not be better swapping the anaerobic workout for a sweet spot work out instead? Does the anaerobic workouts benefit the type of event I am doing? Any feedback welcome. Thanks :grinning:

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Welcome to trainer road!

Vo2 max represents how much oxygen your body can use at any one time, so technically increasing your Vo2 max will be beneficial for longer efforts. Building your threshold will help you with longer maximal steady state efforts.

How do you have the gravel event set up in your training plan? The type of event will influence which type of Build phase Plan Builder gives you. An event that is 200k long should probably be trained for as a Gran Fondo rather than an off-road Gravel event. This should give you Sustained Power Build phase, which has VO2Max workouts, but not anaerobic workouts.

Do you supplement your plan with Z2 rides?
If not I would swap anaerobic for as long Z2 as you can do. If you do supplement with Z2 when I would go with SST but very long intervals to build tte and muscle endurance.

Welcome to TR. 200k gravel sounds like a fun goal.

What is your current level of fitness and are you doing any other riding?