Anaerobic -> aerobic type

Not sure I follow your post - are you suggesting you shouldn’t adjust your FTP setting in TR as I suggested because it will make VO2 too easy?

If one is an anaerobic type, I don’t think you have to ride around in zone2 all the time. You just need to know your FTP based on a longer test. Do the:

hour of power
40k TT
Kolie Moore FTP test (easiest of the bunch)
2x20 @ threshold

Then when you ride zone 2, tempo, SS, or at threshold, you’ll be riding at the right wattage to develop your aerobic system.

If FTP is over-stated from a short test, then your zone 2 will be tempo, and your tempo will be SS, and threshold will be anaerobic. It’s the recipe for burnout.

If one is doing a true VO2max workout, then just go max until you are breathing hard. No need to look at 110%, 115% or whatever percentage is given to you. And if you are an anaerobic type and have a 1500 watt sprint then maybe you might even want to skip anaerobic capacity workouts. You don’t need them unless you have a very short event.


Doesn’t work for me. My last AI detection was 328 last week. After a taper I just did a 20 min field test and got an ftp of 300. I could feel that 328 was way too high during my recent workouts. I don’t think it can replace testing. Admittedly I may have had a bad day on the test but not by 10% reduction.

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My n=1.

My FTP is low (210-220W depending on test day, 20min test) and improves very slowly (10-20W per year or so). I sometimes ride group rides with people who have seemingly an FTP of around 300W. They are super fast, at least in the beginning: They speed up hills, accelerate quickly. After 90-120 mins this starts to change: They stop being that fast. I am not sure if it’s a pacing thing or my TTE is better. Last week we had a situation up a longer hill where I overtook both of them - I was riding easy tempo, not really breathing or struggling that much, both of the guys were panting hard. It was puzzling for all of us :smiley: nice guys anyway.

I know that my aerobic capacity is probably much better than what my muscles can deliver (burn happens faster than any kind of fatigue/hard breathing). The thing is when I train hard, my muscles get super sore, for 2-4 days (that’s why I kind of avoid it haha).

FTP comparisons are difficult to make it seems. Also the it’s just one parameter out of many.

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I’ve always seen myself as a relatively anaerobic rider. The best performances I’ve had have always been hard 2-7min efforts after a long day. I’m currently batting off about 4.65wkg. The highest I got my threshold pl is 6.1 before upgrades. I can’t understand taking upgrades to FTP below a 5.0, but my vo2 pl has remained relatively high - 8.2 before the recent ftp increase.

I honestly think as long as it’s delivering you workours that are about right I would ignore the number.

My personal view is that you can get a more accurate FTP by just asking yourself the question: how do I feel about doing 2*20@95% of that number.

If the answer is ‘yeah ok that’s fine though I might need a gel’, then your FTP is workable. If you feel uncomfortable, you probably need to check your ego.

I’m comfortable with mine as I went out on a ride the other day and did four 20-30 min climbs at 95% and it was a hard ride but doable.


It’s because they don’t know how to pace themselves. Doing 400-500 watts up every tiny hill burns them out. I ride with these types too!

Their actual FTPs may not be that much higher than yours or even the same but they have good anaerobic capacity, use it too much early on, and then fade.