AMPK activation app: how much is your workout activating AMPK?

Just listening to @empiricalcycling podcast about ampk & was reminded of this cool little app that tells you about how much amp kinase activation a given workout will generate. Maybe not 100% useful since most of us don’t have a real good handle on what our muscle glycogen is before or after a workout…but it gives you a feel for what types of activity generates more activation.

You can hear some commentary from the author here:


Thanks for that, @The_Cog!

Just some additional commentary on the original post…the author found some correlation between ampk activation & muscle glycogen levels at the end of a bout of exercise. Not a great correlation. Same with the absolute muscle glycogen consumed during a bout of exercise. Some correlation with ampk activation, not a great correlation.

Now, here’s my own commentary, I think that’s just a secondary artifact of the stronger correlation between an individual’s absolute work rate during a bout of exercise and subsequent ampk activation. But who knows.

Also, nobody should consider that widget anything other than a plaything. It’s a model. It’s not going to be predictive. Particularly as you get closer to the boundaries. But it is a great tool to understand the relative importance of different factors that can impact ampk activation.

And the main point I wanted to make was that generally speaking the more intense the workout, the more ampk activation. Which, you know, coaches have kind of known for a while but just didn’t have the vocabulary. :wink:

But, by all means, let’s keep this thread going with more fun links. My wife’s here in the room and if I stop typing she’ll think I’m not doing anything and try to make me do chores.

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Too bad there’s no error ranges given. Or that the actionable data from that dashboard is approximately zero.

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If anybody is interested (most aren’t) you can stroll to the bottom of the page and use pull down menus to look at a graph of each metric. Each graph is a scatter plot of a variable and an ampk marker with a grey dotted line representing a linear regression…that line is surrounded by a lighter grey region which isn’t explicitly labeled but I believe it represents a confidence interval.

So you can get an additional feel for the relationship there.