Amazon Halo Fitness tracker

I have been in the market for a wellness tracker for a while now. I don’t love any of the options out there right now. I know the Whoop band is gaining popularity, but I’m just not interested in the $30 a month service charge. The Oura is the other big player, but has a large upfront cost. Now Amazon is entering the game. The biggest drawback I see with their tracker is that it doesn’t track HRV. It however is the most affordable at $99 up front, and $4 a month. Anyone considering getting this device or know of any more affordable alternatives to Whoop or Oura?

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Amazon already knows enough about me, thanks.

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Price of Whoop also put myself off for good! I would be interested in this, especially with the early access including 6 months of Halo membership available for a special price of $64.99. Only downside it doesn’t ship outside of the USA so no good for me yet.

Same here, I buy most of my quick things there, I don’t really want them knowing my health details too to focus my adverts even more…

“Based on your Halo usage: SiS gels, Clif Bars…” :smiley:

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I,m just wondering how accurate are those trackers. I owned xiaomi band 5 (i know, the cheappest possible option out there) and I wasn’t pleased . Now I have got polar vantage m with sleep tracking and nighty recharge feature (it’s basically like whoop, it measures resting hr, hvr, breath frequency) and based on the data it tells you if your body is prepared for a hard workout (or that you should let it go and take same rest). The main con is lack of integration - you can sent only activity data to trainingpeaks, strava or google fit. Still I don’t believe on accuracy of that divices. Sometimes I feel like shit and polar says me - it’s you day go and crash it, and other days I feel normal or even very good and polar shows me that I should rest.