Am I the only one finding the website full of glitches in the last couple days?

I want to make some changes in my calendar, and if I can even get it to open, there are a bunch of formatting problems. I can’t get it to do much of anything. Being that I haven’t seen anyone on the forum make mention of it, I’m thinking that this might be a ME problem, but thought I’d check

No worse than usual, its always slow but that’s probably my ancient laptop.

Please report any issues directly to sonthey can review them.

My web based calendar isn’t working either. It also stopped working a couple of days ago. Both desk top and ipad.

Same issue since yesterday lunchtime at least.

Oh good, then I have nothing to do but wait for the problem to get better. Thanks

Mine was not showing either…fixed now though! :grinning:

I had an issue last week where the website would crash as soon as I opened it (the “we’ve taken a nasty spill” error) and the apps would get stuck on “checking adaptations”, all apparently caused by a workout I added to the calendar that got saved incorrectly without a start date. Deleting all non-plan workouts for that week fixed it, though.

It’s working from now, seems like they got it fixed.

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