TrainerRoad Website spinning wheel of death

I cant seem to load my calendar or past rides on Trainer Road this morning, just comes up with a red spinning wheel, same for on my mobile using the website. Anyone else having this issue or is it just my profile?

Same for me atm :thinking:

Thanks for letting us know @stefanjoseph.

The website is in fact down right now, and our team is looking into this issue as we speak.

I’ll post updates here as we have them :+1:.


Sorry, I think that was me. The upload of my tremendous, great and massive Ramptest this morning smashed the whole calendar and the website. Happyily it didn’t crash the whole Internet with my 251w FTP now


The site is up and running for me now, but the team is still digging to find out what caused this and prevent it from happening again. Let me know if you are able to gain access :ok_hand:.

Working for me (UK)

Full access here.

Working now! thanks

As a cloud hosting professional by day, I can confirm there was a massive use of power this afternoon which likely caused some outages across the US. Did some checking, and looks like I found the cause:



Say no more! :grin:

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