Am I soft… or do I just need a week off?

Been on an LV masters plan prepping for load of big rides through April and May (Mallorca 225, Lincoln GP, 2 x trips up Mt. Teide).

Feel like I’ve left space around those big rides, always following RLGL but this week I feel absolutely cooked. Such low energy, body and especially legs feel drained.

My calendar does not have me on a recovery week but man do I feel I need one.

My question is this - looking at my training stress graph, is this level of fatigue normal or do I just need to reacquaint myself with rule #5?

For context: I’m 37. Sleep, nutrition, life all good.

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If you feel like you need a week off then definitely take a week off.

I like the idea of RLGL but it won’t know if there’s any off the bike stress that’s wearing you down.

From one extreme, you could get to Day 4 off, and feel great and you’re able to come back faster. The other extreme, you push through the next few rides and then really hit a training wall and need two weeks off.


Listen to your body


Get blood test done. Low energy might be result of low iron.

Definitely NOT soft! I mean, you’ve had some pretty massive rides this past training block :muscle:

I see you’ve already placed a nice recovery coming up so that should definitely help leading into BWC.

And like @svens mentioned, it doesn’t hurt to get a blood test done to make sure all is well :slightly_smiling_face:

Get well soon!

Am I soft… or do I just need a week off?

On a more serious note, as above - listen to your body. Just because your plan doesn’t have you on a rest week doesn’t mean you don’t need one. Your body is telling your something…listen to it.