Am I misleading myself about racing the tahoe 100

Hey all . Currently I’m a 2.72 w/kg biker who signed up for the tahoe 100 as a relay with a friend. I have been working hard putting in time for the bc bike race. Currently I’m in a sweet spot base phase. As tahoe is a b race for me there doesn’t seem to be much taper . However I think the race will be pretty hard to complete. I raced at 6500 feet two weeks ago and exploded trying to keep up with people on the climbs. Should I ignore some TrainerRoad workouts to be fresher, or at my w/kg should I even be doing this race?. I do think I’m a little higher then what TrainerRoad says as it’s been awhile since I did a ramp test and I’ve been pushing all my workouts up in time and level on my plan.

TR doesn’t seem to give tapers for B events.

In a taper you will normally keep the intensity and reduce the volume. What I would do (in fact did before my 600k this weekend) is sub the Thursday workout for a shorter and Achievable version (for me that was a 1h15 Productive VO2 to a 45 min Achievable VO2). If you’re worried you could do that for the Tuesday workout too (or however you have your days configured).

Obviously you don’t want a massive 2 week taper for a B event or it starts to remove training for your A event (unless they are really far apart perhaps, but then they might both be A events…).

Also - of course you should do the event :slight_smile: it’s only a bit of fun, just ride your best and enjoy it!

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First thing I’d say - Don’t try to keep up with other people, on climbs or anywhere else.

I’d bet you can race it fine, but you have to race to your power, nobody else’s. If you have a power meter on your bike, just try to target an NP low enough and limit anything near or above threshold wherever possible.


This thread has some good info on the race and what to expect.

I’ll be doing the 50k for the 3rd time. It’s hard, but very doable if you pace yourself. My w/kg was similar to yours the first time I did it and it took me almost 4 hours.

To me it’s all about the final climb. Just make sure you leave something in the tank for it. Try not to push too hard on the other climbs, stay on top of your nutrition, and ride the non climbing sections really easy.

I think this is the final climb.

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This is a time trial for many… and thats ok!

Altitude is very unforgiving when you exceed threshold. Takes forever to recover.

Below threshold, you have a lot more cushion.

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Yeah In that race I was above threshold for many steep climbs and my legs went out hard. Thanks for the tips . I think I’ll knock the volume down the week of, and really stick to around 75% of my threshold, and even walk if it gets really steep. I do have a power meter so that will help.

The first climb is long and it will be very crowded. You’ll likely have to walk parts of it weather you want to or not. Unless your doing the 2nd lap of the relay of course.

The second to last climb is very steep and the traction isn’t great. That combined with other riders that will be walking on the “good” lines will probably force you to walk there as well.

Staying under threshold on the climbs is key for sure. There will be some spots you’ll have no choice, but try to limit it as much as you can.

The first five miles is all climbing on the first lap…just pace yourself like others said…the climb at the end back up to Northstar sucks…especially when its 90 degrees on the second lap…there is little shade…Im doing to 50K this year, my 100k days are over.