Am I going to get murdered this evening?

Sh*t, significant other just finished her ramp test and I forgot to change her trainer in the settings. She’s going from a cheap fluid to a cycle ops fluid2.

Her FTP jumped up like 30+ watts which is clearly because TR still had the old trainer’s settings. I’m 99.99% sure of this because we recently chatted with support about stagnant performance.

I changed the settings after praying that the following workout would adjust, but had no luck. Anything I can do? Thanks guys!

Ohhhh hahaha, your title had me confused and then the post had me laughing!

You would normally be in a sticky situation, but luckily our Support team has your back! Just shoot us an email with a link to the ride, and mention that you want to “reprocess” the ride with the CycleOps Fluid 2 power curve. We have a sweet little TR employees-only tool that will let us do that for you and reset all the power data to the correct trainer.

As for whether there’s repercussions for your mistake, that’s up to the judge, jury, and executioner. :wink: