Allez Sprint Seatpost Collar

This is only indirectly related to TR…(this bike will be my new trainer bike for the winter) but does anyone have an idea on where I could locate a seatpost collar for an Allez Sprint? I’ve got a frame with the collar missing and it sounds like Specialized is out of them and there aren’t any on ebay. Hoping that I’m not SOL until next season!

You just need to collar? Not the seat post also? I have a frame in my garage that I cracked a seatstay on and had replaced through insurance. So it’s just sitting there. I’m away from home for the next week but I could maybe ship it to you when I get back. Where are you located?

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That would be amazing! And yes, i have the seat post and the frame is good, it’s just missing the collar/clamp itself. I’d gladly pay for shipping - it’d be a shame for me to have my new build be totally held up by such a simple part.

I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Okay cool, I’ll put a reminder in my phone to DM you when I get back next Sunday and we can work it out then!