Allez Sprint Comp Disc (or other Specialized Praxis-equipped bike) owners - share your Power Meter experiences with me please

No. Bought it online but had my LBS install it (made the agreement with him in advance).

When you do that, do yourself a favor and get Steel ring bolts (stainless ideally). In think Quarq “requires” these. The stainless deflects less as 1) its steel and 2) you can torque the bolts more.I think Truvativ / SRAM make the easiest to find/reasonably priced ones in black/Silver and in 1x.

Also measure your chainring offset from the seattube precisely. This will ensure the chainline doens’t change. It’s probably easier to go deraileur bracket to ring inner, but something else might be easier to measure (downtube bottle cage to ring)

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Good call on the chainring bolts. I’ve broken chainring bolts in the workstand (under light hand torque!) on both Shimano and SRAM cranks in the past.

Going back on my words again. After a bit more research on the DUO’s, I decided to stick with my original p2m idea. I want to keep the SPD-SL pedals and I found a setup of P2M NGEco w. Rotor Cranks + Shimano Chainrings + Wheels Mfg BB that was within $100 of the price of DUO’s.

Now I just have to figure out if I bring my new purchases to my LBS or get some tools and try it myself with some Youtube help. All the positive P2M comments on here really made me reconsider and eventually led me to P2M.

Got it all done! I was intimidated by this setup at first vs the duo’s but I’m happy I did it. Especially now that I also have Shimano chainrings instead of the Praxis rings.

Got the chainrings used which meant I had to source my own chainring bolts. Used a wheels mfg BB and the shimano 4 bolt NG Eco. All done for less than the price of Assiona duo’s.

If anyone else is intimidated by all the different parts buying, send me a message and I’d be happy to help.