Align outdoor with indoor power (Kickr Core)


I’ve been training with TR for a bit over a year now and love it. I’m 33m, 73kg Enduro rider and went from 250ish FTP to 297w, which was the recent AI FTP reading before I took a short break.

I want to focus more on outside rides and put my power meter on my trail bike. Currently the power2max power meter is on my hardtail mounted to a Kickr Core and power reading is coming from the power meter.

When I put the power meter on my trail bike, I’m afraid that the power from Kickr Core will be off and not representative of the power I used to train with.

Is there any way to align those two? Such as calibrating the Kickr Core based on the power meter before removing it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, any suggestions are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

You can’t align anything based on fear alone… you need data! :wink:.

Start with measuring and comparing the two.

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I have this issue already, the power read by my Saris H3 trainer used with trainer road is a good 70w lower than what I commonly put out with ease on a real bike outside (Stages single sided pm).

Both have been calibrated, TR ftp is 275w (ramp test & AI agree), but outside I complete 3 hour rides with average power of ~350w.

Strava thinks some of my outside rides are 60% zone 7…

I’ve compared my Kickr Snap and my Kickr Core with my power meter to understand the differences. I’d recommend doing the same so you understand what if any offset there may be between the two. You can’t make the two power sources match up, but you can adjust if you know there’s a difference. Below are my comparisons I posted in a previous thread.

Thanks for all the replies.

So I recorded a short 15min workout including some 115-130% spikes and steady SS pace. I imported both files to Golden Cheetah and the first issue I have, is that they dont use a date timestamp, but start at the moment the respective recordings start. Anyone knows how to use unix timestamp in GC instead?

How would you go on with determining which offset to you? Just by comparing the average power?

Are you using Powermatch in TR workouts?

That sounds very much like either the saris is halving or the stages is doubling your power.

I’d expect a person with a 300w FTP to probably average around 200w on a normal 3 hour ride.

Following the same ratio that would give you an FTP of 525w if you average 350w.

525w is suspiciously close to double 275w

What head unit do you use with your stages?

Anyway to put your bike with the stages on your saris and do a comparison?


Yes, sure.

Now it’s about finding an appropriate offset before I move the power meter to my outdoor bike.