AI FTP detection worked fine for me, until today when I was hit with 10 indoor workouts requirement

I’ve been relying on AI FTP detection pretty much since it launched. Today I was looking forward to see how my FTP has improved after recent training block, but received this message instead:

You Are 5 Workouts Away From Unlocking AI FTP Detection.

AI FTP Detection needs 10 recently completed indoor TrainerRoad workouts to accurately detect your FTP; so far, you’ve done 5. Check back after completing 10 workouts to unlock AI FTP Detection!

This message looked pretty puzzling.

I wondered does “recently” mean? Is it a few weeks, month, several months?

During my recent 4-week block I’ve done only 2 of the workouts in TrainerRoad app. So where does the number 5 come from? I looked further back and found another workout in July, that’s 3. There’s another in March, that’s 4. And finally, there’s another one in March, but in 2021.

So it turns out “recently” means either something like last 2 years or since beginning to use TrainerRoad. I wonder what sort of data it the AI FTP detection system needs - it apparently can aquire it from year-old indoor workouts, but can’t get it from a bunch of recent outdoor workouts.

Mind you, I do lots of indoor workouts, I just don’t fancy doing them on the TrainerRoad app. Had I known about this requirement change for AI FTP detection, I would have completed these 10 required workouts on TrainerRoad app.

I guess I have to do the ramp test instead… that’s quite a bummer :frowning:

I think it was a month back they made the change (possibly because outdoors riding was inflating the starting point; using outdoors stuff is probably fine but only after that initial ‘spade (10 indoors) is stuck in the sand’)) I wouldn’t bother with a ramp test, I’d just leave you FTP as is for a few weeks, do the 5 workouts and run AI FTP D. You’ll probably benefit from the consistency and a few weeks (less if you are on MV or HV) won’t hurt in the long term.


Yeah, I’ll probably do that. My workouts so far have been spot-on, so I don’t really need to recalibrate them for a new FTP value. I’ve also been struggling with some mild illnesses (a bit of sore throat and runny nose), so an all-out effort is not what I fancy at this point.

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