AI FTP Detection Update Question

Since a recent update, AI FTP Detection now shows up as a button on future ramp test days. When clicked, does this givr a predictive estimation for what your FTP will be on the day of that upcoming ramp test, or does it detect what your current FTP is?

I believe you can only use it 14 days out from your last FTP detection. The future buttons in your calendar are just options to use when that day comes along. It doesn’t do anything special like predicting, it’s just now in the calendar.

So ignore it until test day.

I have the same question.

The thing is that it shows an ftp increase/decrease. What´s not clear is if the increase is the predicted ftp for the day of the test, or the current ftp estimate.

Thenks for anyone who can shed some light on this!

Whenever you use FTP Estimation/Detection it is based on what your FTP is at the moment you use it. There is no ability to detect future or past FTPs.

Yet, but I think prediction is on the roadmap. (But that’s not the question that you were answering)