Aero storage options

Looking for suggestions on what people use for gels, mainly with a IM bike leg.

I’ve not used one myself but folk say a top tube bag or bento box is the best.

Wouldn’t put Aeros in your back pockets, they might melt when you start sweating…


Freeze them first

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I do 100m and 12Hr TTs. (Used to do ironman) I have an old IM soft bento box that I put on the top tube. I can get 3-4 bars (cut in half) and 3-4 gels in it. I find that the solid, attach to frame, comes with the bike, rubber top ones are pretty useless when it comes to storing anything. They look ok, but are a pain to get things in and out of, and actually don’t hold a great deal. My other go to is an Altura Sprint energy pack. Again fits on top tube, is soft and takes a shed load of food and energy bars. You can see the old Ironman bento box in this picture (post 12hr TT). I suspect they are no longer available. The Altura Sprint is here (for a UK site) It is soft and works well.

Do get used to putting the wrappers back away in them though. That can be a faff and you don’t want to be dropping litter. With the IM one I put them at the front. With the Altura, I put them inside the side pockets of the main compartment. It is far too easy to pull out teh next gel and take a wrapper with you :slight_smile:

I use a double sided tape with these just to make sure they do not slip sideways.


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