Tool storage keg for bicycle

I like riding with my tire lever, co2, inflator head, tube, and small multi-tool in my bike storage keg (in bottle cage) instead of having all that in my jersey. I keep having the same reoccurring issue in that the screw top lids keep popping off somehow when I’m on gravel or on singletrack. Last week my latest keg cap was lost during the ride and not found. I have went through the specialized and bontrager kegs. Each are plastic with horrible screw top lids. I’ve inquired to a couple places about getting a custom titanium keg made and have been told they do not do that type of work …anyone have any solution to a storage keg that the lid stays on??

i like the idea of those things but 95% of the time i’ll need both bottles for water.

(sorry can’t help you!)

Use a water bottle with a wide opening instead. Or use one of those storage things with a zip along it instead of a lid.

…I too like to have two water bottles and just use a saddle bag…

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I remember seeing a video for the Dirty Kanza and noticed some riders had what looked like a bungee cord wrapped over the top of their bottles to keep them from ejecting. I can’t find the make/model but something like that might help.

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I use one of these
Zips together and at a squeeze I can get a 29 tube, inflator and co2, lever and multi tool.
Its a tight fit but that means it bulges enough to wedge nicely into the bottle cage

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There are a few vendors that make these that either replace your bottle completely, or have a mount for tools underneath a small bottle (Topeak comes to mind). I always find myself needing both mounts for water bottles and hate carrying a hydrapack for road rides, but I did pick up one of these straps on Amazon for my last ride, and it worked phenomenally:

I was able to wrap a spare tube, levers, and 2 CO2 canisters, with additional room to spare and no risk of it coming loose or dislodging during my road ride (not sure how it would fare for mountain biking). Maybe this would be an option?

Titanium is probably a little overkill. Shouldn’t be that hard to get it done in aluminium if you really wanted to go metal. In Europe there’s always protolabs as long as you have the skills to do the drawing yourself. I can’t speak for the US but there is bound to be a similar offering.

The zip up bottle might be the handiest off the shelf option though.

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yep zip up bottle or a slim saddle bag like the lezyne road caddie. Can fit in a jersey pocket too if you’re being vain.

BBB makes a really stout tool bottle and it’s taller than the Specialized KEG.

Search BBB Tools and Tubes.



I use one of these on my gravel bike:

Holds a spare tube, CO2 cartridges and inflator, a multi tool, and tire plugs.

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I like this option

A hair band works well, girth-hitch it to the bottle cage and loop it over the drink nozzle. On my road bike, I put my tool bag in my rear jersey pocket, keeps my bike looking slicker. On my tri-bike I use this between my aero bars, works on all bikes:


have never understood the appeal of straps like this over a small saddle bag, but i do see a few people using them. are they purely to save weight? because i can’t imagine it’s much of a difference. is it just an aesthetic thing? each to their own, but i think it looks way worse than a small saddlebag. would think it’s much less aero too, but that’s probably splitting hairs.

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Velocolour has what you are looking for. A well made zip-top keg.

They also make some pretty smart saddle bags.

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I agree about saddlebags - a properly adjusted saddle bag is the way to go IMO… BUT, does it possibly have to do with running a dropper post? Don’t know enough about how those work.

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Cut a large bidon in half, warm the edges of the bottom half with a heat source. While still pliable smooth the edges inwards or insert gently into the top half, remove and allow to cool.

A cheap homemade tool container which will twist apart but stands virtually no chance of coming off accidentally.



I like the idea of repurposing old bottles. Nice.

I use a saddle bag too. I only use the strap for longer endurance rides to keep a second tube and CO2 canisters. On longer rides (like the STP next week), I’m in and out of my saddle bag for Nuun tablets, Tylenol, salt tabs, lipstick charger, bike tool, mini wallet, etc. The strap is a nice place to put things that will only be used in an emergency (levers, CO2, and second tube), and thus, won’t need to be removed from the saddle bag or get in the way every time I need something. My brother sometimes carries a spare tire too. On shorter rides, I just go with my saddle bag. For $10, it’s worth it to me and non obtrusive. I recently got a Topeak Fuel Tank, so it’s unlikely I’ll use all 3 (saddle bag, top tube bag, strap)… probably will just use the saddle bag and fuel tank for STP.

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Elite do one that the lid won’t just pop off (I had the same problem with cheaper ones): and the zip ones others have linked work great.

I’ve since moved to Speedsleev Ranger saddle bags on all my bikes, road and mountain. Multiple sizes so you can get one just big enough for what you want to pack, don’t look terrible like many saddle bags. I haven’t had any problems with my dropper on my mountain bike.

Good luck on STP…you doing it in one day? It’s on my bucket list. (I’m in Vancouver)