Advice for overshooting power on ERG at start of interval

Just wondering if anyone had advice/strategies to prevent the power overshooting at the start of an interval using ERG. I’ve no doubt it’s down to my technique in some way, but wondering how to adjust. It settles down after about 30 seconds – so less important on longer SS type intervals but more impact on shorter&harder ones where it makes a bigger difference. I’ve put an example workout from today below. (Interestingly (or not), the third main mini-interval I turned powermatch off completely and it behaved in the same way).

This workout I tried different strategies such holding a cadence through the power-shift or letting it take the speed out and building back up. But similar each time. (The one massive spike is where I was daydreaming and missed the start of the interval and then had to push).

Using Elite Direto XR with Garmin 3S. Using small ring at front (although did try changing this during this workout with no real effect).

Any advice / criticism welcome!

I do most of my training in the big ring just to load the flywheel with energy. This helps in transitions from low power to high. I also keep the cadence on target so I don’t have to increase it and fight the trainer during the ramp up. I have a Kickr so it may be different to what you experience.

Unfortunately I think that’s a flaw of the Direto. I had the original and it was very slow to start an interval but usually settled in after about 10-12 seconds. When doing short shorts, the best solution is to just turn off Erg. Use resistance mode instead.

Good luck!