Adjusting SSB loading period length

I typically follow a low-volume plan, and then supplement with a lot of outdoor Z2-ish riding. Over several seasons of doing this, I’ve found that the sweet-spot base plans containing 5 consecutive loading weeks followed by 1 week recovery are just too much. I usually crash and burn pretty hard somewhere in between weeks 4 and 5, leaving me in a position of wanting to start the recovery week early and subsequently probably taking too much overall recovery time to keep somewhat in line with the original plan schedule. I would much rather split the Sweetspot base plans into 3 4-week blocks (3 weeks on, 1 week recovery).

I’ve fumbled my way through this process before by pushing/pulling weeks and creating my own recovery week schedules, but is there a cleaner way? Especially with AT now involved, would it be better for me to do something like adding ‘Time Off’ and then just doing a self-planned recovery week? If so, should I then insert FTP tests at the start of each new block? I’m not sure how to properly do this without significantly messing with the overall plan schedule and requiring a ton of manual intervention.

TL;DR: In my experience the 2x(5 on / 1 off) schedule of SSB is too long, and I’d rather do 3x(3 on / 1 off). What’s the best way to logistically do that in TR?

Add a holiday week in the middle? And maybe copy your recovery week rides from the plan recovery week, into the time off/holiday week.

What you were doing I think.

I’ll try and find the thread but there’s many people that do exactly that, split the plan and insert a recovery week in the middle. I wouldn’t personally FTP test in between since you’re just inserting a bit of recovery into what still is a base plan.
Check these for reference:

I’m curious about a couple things though:

  1. “a lot of z2” - maybe have a look back at previous base periods where you did burn out and were the extra rides all actually lower intensity, or were they maybe higher intensity and even with the low volume plan it was too much without a break? Perhaps you could adjust the additional rides. Speaking from personal experience here of over extending myself many times.
  2. I’m not sure of the answer of this offhand since I don’t have a LV plan to reference but plans were updated with some knowledge gained from AI - you might compare the current LV plan with that of previous years to see how the workouts may have changed in the plan and how that might impact your training/recovery.
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