Help Me Pick a Plan Thanks to Covid Vax, Levels, and New Plan Updates

I have been posting on here (not this topic, obviously) for a while wondering how to tweak my plan for a 40k TT, but then needed more advice after having a terrible reaction to my first vaccine shot a few weeks ago (lethargic for two weeks, broke out into a major rash for seven days and could hardly ride). I just had my second shot today and don’t plan on being able to ride much this week.
All of this is to say it’s a good time to renovate, revamp, redo, and refocus my TR plan. Here’s a little context and info.
My A races: 40k TT July 7th and LOTOJA Sept 11th (or 10th…don’t have the date in front of me).
I took second in state in 2019 and dedicated 2020 to the 40k TT plan.
By the end of the season I realized my power didn’t go up much even though my sustainability increased dramatically. Basically, my FTP didn’t budge after March or so, but I was able to (and still can) do .85 IF for 5 hours. In other words, I could ride near threshold for hours but never got my FTP up beyond my peak in March.
After asking on the forum several times, the consensus was not enough V02 and high threshold workouts (which were absent from the plan).
So what do I sign up for now? I need more V02 than the old 40k plan had (don’t know about the new).
I was considering:
-gran fondo plan because of more V02 but replacing one V02 with a SS or long effort.
-low or mid volume plan. That way I could hit my three important workouts and have freedom to do TT specific stuff on my own.
But I’m not sure?
Other notes:
-I will have a weekly TT until the end of September or so, and even on rest weeks that’s a must-do. Every other week will be a full 40k (the series has a 20k TT and I do the course twice on my own for training).
-I want to use adaptive training when it’s available, but I’m concerned that not picking the right plan and substituting my TTs and long, steady state work will mess with compliance or the algorithm and not continue to prescribe the proper workouts. If I do high volume but switch out either one V02 for steady state or the other way around, it might mess with my plan going forward and gimp my progress.

So all that being said, what would you all suggest I do? I’m fine with high volume, but I don’t know if that’s the type of plan for me (12+ hours a week is fine). I need help and this strange bit of messed up training and new developments with the TR software, it’s a great time to reconsider my options.
Cheers all!