Adding TrainerRoad to (primary) Weight Training


I was cycling and using TrainerRoad toward Leadville 2017, but haven’t really touched a bike since.

My current training is focused around Weight Lifting, Powerlifting more specifically. And the focus of my time will continue to be lifting, but I want to add TrainerRoad to the training programming in order to improve my cardio, loose fat and get back to riding my local Austin MTB trails. Would you guys have any advise on programming it into my current 3 x wk lifting program?

I love the product and podcast, so I’m looking forward to get back into it.


One thread that may be helpful:

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Hey Miguel. I’m doing similar and have found Alex Viada’s book hybrid athlete to be quite useful.

Personally i do a low volume TR program with 3-4x week lifting. Most of the time i am on weights Mon, wed and fri and riding in the other days apart from on rest day on weekend. Occaisionally i will do a lifting session followed by a ride. The book i mentioned recommends that approach to pre fatigue the legs with weight training.

Hope that helps