Adding a few morning hill climbs to my plan

I have an absolute beast of a hill literally at my door. It’s 2.2km with average gradient of 11.6% with the last km averaging about 17%. I felt like I needed extra gears. :face_vomiting::grin: I could do a lap of this every morning before work if I wanted. Is there any issue with this? I see the really strong riders just do huge amounts of volume riding but also plenty of random hard sessions and they push themselves hard. I don’t feel tired after most of my workouts on trainer road and I feel I could do an extra session daily. I think it could be fit me as I’m lacking power with a threshold of 240 only.

I used to have a good hill when I commuted. Don’t know if it was a help or hindrance to my training but hitting it a couple of commutes a week was fun getting to work.

Especially if I met a colleague at the base/early when we’d race up and collapse in the office.

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Stick to the plan. Adding in hard efforts like that will make recovering from the scheduled workouts much harder. General TR advice on adding volume is to start with adding 10-20 minutes of zone 2 endurance at the end of scheduled workouts, and if you can tolerate that, perhaps 1 hour of z2 riding on your recovery days.

That said, you can use this hill for your training. I am guessing it will take you about 10-12 minutes to climb that hill? So whenever you see a workout with 10-12 minute threshold or sweetspot intervals, go do it on that hill, possibly using the Outside Rides feature.

I would use the hill for dedicated sessions, rather than in addition.

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The question I have is what in particular would you looking to develop doing hill sessions on this particular hill?

It sounds too steep for anything other than anaerobic capacity type work but might be too long for that, or you need to turn around after 60-90sec. Its too steep to keep ones power under control for probably even supra-threshold events, though the length is good.

To me, this might be fun to smash every once and a while but I think it is too steep and long to be of training benefit. And that is with 5wkg at threshold and 6wkg 5min. Doing it for fun is a totally different question…

I’m looking magically improve my power through any means :joy:

I was racing XC 40km last weekend and I was getting creamed on the longer sustained climbs. Any climb of longer than 30 seconds and I wasn’t able to keep up at all. One climb in particular the top 5 guys were doing it in 9-9.30 mins and it took me 12.03. I would be relatively competitive with these guys in Enduro racing but obviously they are a lot stronger than I realised. I’m willing to put in harder sessions to output more.

Maybe you are right and I should just hit it for fun/as a challenge for myself every so often.