Add a SIT workout to SSB LV II

Since a week I started SSB LV II. I added a SIT training to this schedule once a week. I do this for a bit more tss, but most of all to gain more power…

Is this beneficial to the SSB LV plan? Or am I just derailing it?

Just my 2 cents - I don’t think you’re necessarily derailing the SS plan, but I don’t see how adding SIT for additional TSS is the right approach during this phase of training. If you want more TSS during SS LV II, then maybe you should bump up to SSB MV, or simply add an endurance or SS workout to your week for the additional stress. That would be my approach.

Later in the Build and Specialty plans, there are numerous workouts that include SIT-type intervals to help build and develop this specific type of fitness.


Here’s a podcast on this topic. One recommendation from the guest expert was to include SIT in the taper period.