Adaptor to add height to the front derailleur

Hi all,

Trying to fit a 55T Q Ring to my Felt B2 TT bike. It has a Shimano 8050 FD with braze on mount. Going as high as the mount allows sees me about 3-4 mm short of what I needs; 1 tooth is just clipping the FD as it shifts out.

Anybody have a known good solution? I vaguely recall reading various forum posts about solving this issue over the years.

Thank you.

I’ve found 2 solutions online.

  1. Fit Link - Braze On Front Derailleur Adapter - Junior's Solution
    This is to lower the FD, but I can’t see why it can’t be used to raise the FD.
    edit: Wickwerks support just replied to my email (within 20 minutes) to say it can be used to raise the FD

    I have sent a message asking if this can be used to raise the FD.