Rotor AXS rings not shifting

Hey, has anyone used or had any experince with the rotor AXS rings? These are the round ones in 50/37T. I can’t for the life of me get them to shift up. The other wired thing is using the AXS setup tool. When the height is set on the big ring and the mech in in the lower position the top ring catches the front mech. Something weird is going on.

AXS front shifting is a dark art at the best of times. It’s what holds me back from going to AXS 2x on my fast road bike, despite absolutely loving the 1x XPLR on my gravel/audax bike. There seems essentially a binary divide on the issue, with some arguing it’s all in the setup, and others arguing that some frames essentially just won’t work with AXS (with Factor seeming to come up quite often as culprits for some reason). Force FDs seem more problematic than Rival or Red, too.

That aside, I’m going to assume you’ve followed the YouTube vids to the letter. Let’s also assume that there are no obvious setup errors or non-compatible component choices (offset cranks/spacers etc).

So, first, what frame, FD, chainset, bb and axle are you using, and can you post any pics or vids?

The reason I ask is because the most obvious thing to check is that your FD hanger actually allows a 50/37 combo in AXS. The AXS FD is bigger and sits lower, so depending on the position of the FD hanger, not all frames allow AXS mechs to go high enough for a 50/37 combo. This is especially likely with a carbon frame with a low-ish braze-on (moulding). I have heard of Cannondales having this problem, and there are a few (general) discussions on it over at weight weenies. IIRC there may be an adaptor, though I’m fuzzy on the details and (again, IIRC) that causes its own problems with what is already a finicky system.

My first suggestion would be to find a high end bike shop that specialises in custom builds; they will have extensive experience setting up AXS, and are likely to have more luck than anyone else. They may be able to try an AXS chainset in 50/37.

This leaves 3 possible outcomes:

  1. they verify that your frame simply won’t accept AXS chainrings in a 50/37, then your only option would be to go to 48/35 (or change groupset). This is probably the worst case scenario outcome.
  2. they identify a setup issue and fix the problem. This is probably the best outcome.
  3. they identify the chainrings as the issue. In that case, go back to Rotor and ask for a refund and replace with an AXS setup.

Good luck, and l’d be interested to see where this goes.

Sooo frame is a pinarello f. Re the height this is interesting. When I use the tool it doesn’t mount high enough to use the inner ring, but if I manually move it up a bit with my hands it’s clears the bottom.

Cranks are red with a SIGEYI power meter spider and then rotor axs 50/37 rings.

Will try get some photos later on.

This is interesting. I am currently using Rotor 50/37 AXS rings that replaced a Praxis 52/36 setup. The Praxis was a huge failure and it caused me to get my front derailleur set at the outer limit of its settings but it actually shifted fine. When doing the crankset replacement my FD settings were all out of whack and it made using the setup tool not possible. Going on instinct and experience I futzed around with clearance and adjustments until it worked, maybe played around for a half hour or so but it shifts very well.

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Interesting will have a play. Currently, it just pushed the chain into the big ring but never catches enough to shift up. I spoke to rotor and apparently their tolerances are quite tight so sometimes you need to reduce the drive side DUB spacer down by 0.5-1mm. Thats my next game.

@Dunk , @Caveman ? Any other insights since january? I have the same problem?

I have a Trek Emonda BB90 frame. Used an force AXS with ultegra 52-36 crank. That shifted ok (not top, but it was ok). I switched to a Rotor aldhu24 crank with 50/37 axs chainrings. That was still not really ok, sometimes won’t shift to outer ring but ok. But had to replace my bearing so installed new token bearings.

But…now, shift to big ring is almost impossible (I used the rotor spacers as advised from their manual for BB90). But in the 5 smallest rear sprockets, no shifting to big ring possible :(.

You have some good tips for setting it up? :wink:

Honestly, i never fixed it. I just run it 1 x now with a 50t ring. Bit savage but kinda fun!

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