Shimano Ultegra 8150 Front Derailleur - Adjustment

It looks like I can not adjust properly my FD…
I follow the adjustment guide from shimano (including the app one) and there is no way I am in a position to set the clearance between a plate and chain to be either 0.5 - 1.0 mm outer plate and 0 - 0.5mm inner plate. I am maxing out both settings and the gap is larger than what shimano says it should be. As a result the shifting is poor. It looks like the space between the FD plates are too big or the adjustments steps are not big enough…?
I am wondering if I got faulty FD or there is something else impacting this?
I am using Easton E90SL crankset with Easton chainring - perhaps this is the problem as the chainrings are 11 speed? I have played around with the chain line, setting different spacers already.
THanks in advance for any tips.

Probably the best video out there for adjusting DI2 (assuming what you have) derailleur


just a got a new bike with U 12-speed. Removed the U crank since I want to run with my Power2Max NG Rotor 3D crankset. At first I had my old worn 11speed chainrings on it. Would shift perfectly w/o changing anything. Now I’ve just replaced the chainrings with Praxis Works 10/11/12 compatible chainrings. Not sure what they changed from previous 10/11 only chainrings. However, on my first ride I dropped my chain every once in while when shifting to the large chainring. Hence, I thought I would just have to mess with adjustments. Also noted that there is no way I would get the plates positioned as stated in the manual. I 'm also running out of steps. Shifting still works nicely though (on the stand … still have to test it under load)

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thanks @pcMODcycle I am doing exactly the same and there is no way I can get to 0 or .05 or 1mm on either plate.

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@sryke - Main shifts nicely on the stand however under the load is not acceptable, dropping chain inside, chain slips, etc… Just wondering, before putting Praxis did you experience the same shifting problem with U crank?

Can’t say for sure since the bike is brand new and I’ve just logged 300km with it yet. Praxis may have one or two mm difference in chainline. Not sure. I think this is the difference with the Shimano chainrings. Cranks are still the same but the chainrings are different by 2mm or so.

However, I’ve just noticed that they haven’t set the FD angle properly. I corrected it and did not have a chaindrop on my ride today. Still, no way I could match the settings from the manual. Shifts nicely though. My old 11spd Di2 deviated quite a lot as well.

I’ve got an older mechanical style Ultegra (want to say 8000?).

Similar woes with not being able to get the L and H limits set correctly, without it rubbing on one end or another. These units just seem real finicky.