Adaptive Training Levels

Is there anywhere which documents what the different levels in adaptive training mean?

it seems to indicate I suck at all levels, but based on I would have thought my long duration stuff should be half decent.

They are a measure of your progression in each energy system, not an absolute measure of fitness. So as you complete more workouts for each energy system your progression levels will rise. Someone with a 3 W/kg FTP could be at a progression level of 8 for Threshold, while someone else with a 5 W/kg FTP could be at the progression level of 3 (say).

Here’s a nice summary: Are Progression Levels just new name for Training Zones? - #4 by SeanHurley

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Fortunately TR levels do not assign riders to any racing categories at the moment, because then Cat5 would be like national championship :wink: Your numbers are very impressive!

And your tr levels are so low because you do not have completed any TR workout (inside) that counts toward the levels.

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