Adaptive Training Is Now Out of Beta & Fully Available to All TrainerRoad Athletes!

Anyone else have this issue? When I open the TR app, I can see my workout for the day. In the meantime, it says adaptations pending or checking for adaptations. This takes a long to do but in the meantime, I just want to load my workout for today. When I click on load workout, I get a black blank screen and no way to go back. End up closing the app and reopening with same issue. Only way to get around it, is to search for the workout name in workouts and load it from there.

I’ve been wondering about this lately. I tried it for XCM and added in extra TN suggestions and weekend rides to push things out to 5-6 days per week prior to AT.

Long story short, my main event in Oct has been cancelled again so I decided to give Short Power build a hit. (I’m less worried about avoiding minor tumbles on the local MTB trails and being able to ride multiple days back to back).

What’s the best way to space out something like Short Power Build Low Volume with weekend rides?
Thursday=Train Now suggestion (Endurance).
Sat/Sun=Ride it like you stole it.

Those VO2 WO’s with AT are freaking brutal. Am I better off doing them back to back, or spacing them out a little? I can’t remember if it’s been discussed on the podcast.

@liam_mail If you are asking me how I managed to add a response to a race and associate a race with my progression levels…

  1. I had the race scheduled in my calendar
  2. I did the race… and on any workout you can choose to answer the “how did it feel”. So I decided to add that for my completeness (it is not mandatory) (Its not a “need to”, but a “choose to”)
  3. That showed up the missing "The reason I was “All out” was that it was a race.
  4. I posted here and also sent an email to support…
  5. Support did a hack/bodge that associated the race with a custom .79IF an 4:10 hours with a PL of 12.9!!! However that does NOT affect the Progresison levels. (I think that is because its a custom workout)
  6. So they also associated a TR workout of 12.3 with the 20 min warm-up. because this was a real TR workout (and TR does not check your association), this actualy updated my SS progression level to 10.

…so that is how it was suggested I bodge/hack/“entrepreneurially” work around the problem of doing a race and it not influencing my progresison levels… until an update to the outside association and questions at some time in the future…


This morning‘s work out I received a failure survey after a regular “passing survey”, I sent a message to support. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else, because I thought if you fail a work out that’s the only survey you get? It also didn’t give me the Option of saying “I didn’t struggle”.

Yes, this happened to me on August 22. I also emailed support and they sorted it out on the back end for me.

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It doesn’t do anything at the moment as far as I know, but I do it anyway on the off chance that when unstructured is providing credit, it will backfill with those survey responses. I also do it to establish the habit of filling out a survey after every ride.


Another vlog from me, racing two CX races this week at the end of recovery week from the first half of CX specialty, so sort of peaking for these.

Good question, I think you’re doing right by sticking to low volume to keep those key workouts in there and adding more volume when you’re able. That configuration looks great, although the only thing I’d recommend is to feel like you should have the agency to move your Thursday TrainNow/endurance to Saturday or Sunday if you’re dragging (or skip it entirely if you feel like it will help you be fresh for hard weekend rides).
Alternatively, if you’re feeling run down and not fully recovered yet for that VO2 Wednesday but know you’ll be in a race-ride setting Saturday to do similar work, get creative and mix in those tough efforts on the weekend!

It will help heaps when AT can account for unstructured weekend rides to see what kind of work you’re doing and account for it, but in the meantime, be diligent on your post workout surveys during the week and in listening to your body to see what makes the most sense.


I think that’s normal behaviour for when your success is sort of borderline. Or at least that’s when I’ve had it. For a particular workout a while back I would get the struggle survey if my first response was “very hard” or higher. I assumed this to be reasonably normal and expected, but happy to be proven wrong.

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Yes, support clarified that they updated the survey responses. So now selecting hard, the fail survey will come up after the first initial survey at the end of the workout. If It did look like I failed the workout the only survey at the end, would be the fail survey. Support explained it feeds more information into the system by wanting to know why it felt hard to me.

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Interesting. This seems to point to them making the basic assumption that 2-Moderate is the “normal” or “expected” response… assuming the workout was prescribed with an initial difficulty of Achievable or Productive. But I am VERY MUCH guessing at that.

It all goes back to the confusion we had with the survey responses and the results from selecting different options. I am still digesting (with the latest info) as to whether this “makes sense” to me. I am all for feeding in good info. But if we are getting a survey closely linked to “failure” as a result of a properly completed “Hard” workout, it seems a tad off to me.


Unless they’ve changed things, it seemed like it was like a second factor validation thing. I haven’t seen the struggle survey when I’ve put Hard, or Very Hard for rides that I’ve gotten through well enough. Only the ones that it’s pretty borderline whether you’d class it as a success.

I might be giving the system too much credit, that’s the way it’s worked for me the few times I’ve seen it.


Yea it doesn’t seem right to me because I haven’t seen it before either. It’s all a guessing game for now, Maybe there’s more to the story that support couldn’t find with my response.


Quick question, if I do an outdoor ride via my plan … let’s say 90 minutes…. But then go on to do another 90 minutes just because I can and it gets me away from the kids (joking of course). Only the planned 90 minutes counts to AT and the survey responses are related to that component of the ride. Thanks

Is it right that if you fail a workout it can still increase your PLs? I attempted Spencer+1 this morning but I ground to halt halfway through the 4th set so literally made it to half way.

I marked the failure reason as too intense as my legs just ground to a halt (erg spiral of death) although I bust a rib MTBing at the weekend which has made sleep hard and a stressful week at work so it could be a combination of any of those things.

Anyway it still added 0.5 to my VO2 max progression level taking it from 5.5 to 6.0 even with the failure.

That looks to make sense in terms of what you achieved, and what that might equate to in the equivalent Spencer Workout (maybe Spencer-4?).

Seems like it’s giving you credit for the work you managed which is good. I’ll leave Ivy or someone to confirm official functionality.

There’s a definite “learning” of your survey responses going on under the hood from what I can tell, so I don’t think it is as simple as that. I am pretty sure Ivy or someone else from TR has directly commented that it’s not as simple as that either.

For Productive/Stretch workouts, 3 - Hard has probably been my default response, and I have never had future workouts adapted downwards from that. When I have used 2 - Moderate, I’ve had future workouts in that progression adapted upwards. So for me it “feels like” 3 - Hard is meant to be the default response for those types of workouts.

When I have ranked workouts 4 - Very Hard, I have never been presented a struggle survey, so I assume there must be something else that TR is doing to identify that it might have been a bit of a struggle (big cadence drops after intervals for example?). Or alternatively, it may simply have “learned” that this athlete never uses 4, so if they do so it means they must have really struggled?

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I’m new to AT, but I’ve only had the struggle survey for “All Out”, not when I’ve put it as Hard even where I’ve grinded away. Or like this mornings clusterf*ck where I had multiple pauses (it was just too hard).

Similar to yourself, I think it’s more nuanced than the survey. Productive Sweetspot classified as moderate, no adaptations, because I assume that’s where it’s supposed to sit in RPE. Similarly, endurance I’ve rated as Easy, have had no adaptations.

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I guess I’m the only one who gets a fail survey after selecting hard, most of my workouts up to this point I have ranked as moderate. I went back to update survey response for lazy mountain, which is basically a recovery ride. To play with the system I selected hard and It then went to the failure survey after selecting hard. I didn’t keep it ranked that way but more out of curiosity to see if the same thing would happen, which it did for me. Maybe the responses are individual based on how we historically rank them? :man_shrugging:

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I’ve rated a few SS and Threshold sessions hard but I haven’t so far had a fail survey. I could be wrong but I would think it looks more at how you actually performed in a session against the targets before issuing a pass or fail survey and only take in the response in respect of future adaptations.