Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Customer support sent me a revised link which works!

Really grateful for this. It’s been a while coming but am rather excited.


Been thinking about AT and outside rides. AT has made some adaptations, and I’m assuming the PLs for the adaptations are based on where my current PLs stand. The challenge is when I get ready to ride a workout in my plan, whether adapted or as originally set by Plan Builder and then set it to outside, the PL and difficulty level change. For example, today’s scheduled workout is Collins Productive Endurance 4.8. However, when I set it to outside it shows as Achievable 4.1. Seems like that workout is no longer going to deliver the value planned by AT.

Any thoughts on this? Is there any way AT can be tuned to deliver the difficulty level outside workout without having to always check the PL of the outside version, use alternates to find one, and then recheck how the outside version compares to the PL of the original workout in my plan?

Good news: the fantastic people in Support sorted me out too \o/

Bad news: my progression levels suck /o\

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The AT access is obviously linked to the email you registered with when you requested access to the beta, but you registered with a different email to your TR account - its hardly the fault of TR that the link therefore doesn’t work!

I’m sure support will sort it for you but blaming TR when you didnt follow the instructions is a little harsh!


Updated my prior statement with a fresh pic too:



In this case, I would not worry about it. PLs are great for progressing zones that can have you on or near the edge, like threshold and VO2. But seems unlikely that you need a PL to tell you how much zone 2 you can handle.

I’m curious if how others have approached power discrepancies between power meters in regards to AT.

I recently got a new triathlon bike that has a Quarq PM. I have trained for many years using PowerTap pedals which also closely match the power reported by my wahoo kickr. I compared my power profiles between the Quarq and PowerTap pedals and the Quarq reported about 16w lower on average for my intervals in a recent workout. If I am doing the workout outside, how to I keep AT from thinking I failed/struggled with the workout?


systems would not allow me to register for AT with the email associated with that account so the instructions were not followable.

Keep the PM you’re recording from consistent. I never record the power data off my Tacx because it’s going to be different from my pedals and I obviously record power data outside off the pedals.

Great in theory, but not everyone uses the same bike inside and outside. Some of us have multiple bikes, with different power meters (and/or smart trainers & PM’s) that are all likely to read a bit different. So, dealing with the inevitable variations is something that TR ignores vs some other apps that have ways to handle different PM’s.

Some apps even deal with inside / outside “FTP” differences which is a different, but similar problem even if you happen to use the same exact PM in both locations. Moral of the story is that it is far from simple or matched for some users. It’s a problem that is likely to grow in count as more people adopt more PM’s across multiple bikes and uses.


Some power meters allow you to adjust their output by a certain % (assioma has this), and I think something like this will be a requirement for future PM purchases for me. This allows at least some adjustment to bring it in line with my other power meters/smart trainer. This won’t get things to match in all cases, but will likely enable me to get ‘close enough’ in the power ranges that matter.

Another trick you can play with power meter pedals is to lie about the crank length, as this will manipulate how the force*cadence is translated into power. Garmin headunits give you much more control over this than Wahoo.


I was just added to the beta version. Will the outside workouts get counted in sometime? Because right now without that, the adaptive training thing is pretty useless for me.


Just got into the beta. I noticed that non TR indoor rides have an impact on AT. Are they considered as being different from outside workouts?

It is great that unstructured outside rides now count towards PLs via association with outside workouts but does anyone have any idea how to out this into action for longer rides @IvyAudrain ??
Mu weekend rides are between 4 and 8 hours long and between 230 and 500 TSS. There are no (??) TR workouts with outside options that approximate these times and TSS volumes. Disaster would actually be perfect for a four hour spin but has no outside alternative and no Pls attached. Is it possible to associate an outside ride with two or more TR workouts?

Thanks for any ideas offered.

Just use this one. It’s a 10 for PL and is the longest TR z2 ride. You can’t progress past a PL10 anyways, so just use this for your longest rides and it should give you credit.


can somebody point me to the instructions on how to associate an outdoor ride with a workout please? I’ve looked all over the place and cant find any option to do this anywhere on the webpage. Is it done in the app or something?

I did a 4hr endurance ride and would like to associate it with something in TR.


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Open the Calendar on the web (not app, since they might be different?)
click-tap once on the actual ride you did.
see the “assoc with” at the mid of that dialog box
clic-tap and choose the desired TR workout

sorry for the mess, mid ss ride while doing this :stuck_out_tongue:


For anyone interested in Swim and Run adaptations, support have clarified that AT only responds to these sessions when they are missed. So when I caught up my calendar. That’s why the adaptations disappeared.

Why the adaptations where so weird, they didn’t have an answer for :slight_smile:

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Dedication to your tribe! You should have some time to yourself == especially on the bike @mcneese.chad :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


thanks - but I cant see that at all? When I click on an activity in the calendar it just opens the detail of the activity itself and I never see that dialogue box at all…

Only thing I can think of is that my activities are imported from Strava rather than my Wahoo. Does that matter or shoudl I somehow import from the Wahoo head unit direct?