Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

When adding time off (week long trip) to my plan, I was asked if I wanted TR to re-evaluate the existing plan and adaptations. I expected the first few workouts following the trip would change, considering I’d just missed several scheduled workouts, but all TR did was to delete the scheduled workouts and make no changes to the plan. When I came back later and cancelled the trip, it simply stuck the same workouts back on those days without changing anything else.

Shouldn’t taking days off change the progression/adaptations/plan?

I’m seeing similar behavior. What I think is happening is unless the break is real long the assumed degradation isn’t enough.

So you are PL level of 4.5 in threshold before vacation. Take a week and you should still be 4.5. Take a month and maybe it’s 3.9? :man_shrugging:

But the behaviour of plans after recovery weeks indicates that TR does think it should reduce the PLs of workouts after a week of lower load. So why not after a week off?


I recall that there is, but I don’t know where that setting is. I couldn’t find it on a quick look through the website.
I recall Jonathon saying that that feature was planned.

Can say for certain but isn’t that just the periodalization of the plan without AT? Rest week, Power Test, lower workouts than the prior week due to higher FTP

I guess I thought that if I missed, say an endurance, a sweet spot, and a threshhold workout while I was traveling, It would want to make those up instead of just picking up where I would have been if I had done those workouts.

Yes, @Barry_Bean, that’s what I would want too. Perhaps send off a message to support?

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I met the same problem, I thought it would readjust the length of the workouts before what I assigned as time-off. I guess it’s not interesting to change the workouts after this when you’re on a training plan as each week meets a certain training purpose.

Swim and Run adaptations! I thought they had stopped…but these are a little strange, so I’ve raised a support email.

One of the running weeks is shortened to 5hrs total, and the next is 5hrs10min so I’m wondering if they look odd, but make sense…but then there is a week with 7hrs20 running.

So after the long long wait I get my adaptive training invite but

The link is invalid

And at the time of registration trainer road would not accept the email associated with my TR account to register for the waiting list so I had to use an alternate email address.

So frustrated that after all this time I guess I will be back to the bottom of the queue and wondering why this delivery has been so frustrating as a very very long time TR user.

How very odd that your run adaptations are all over the place!! Some up, some down, some WAY down. Have you been skipping your long runs to drive them from 3hr to 45 minutes?

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Try going to your account clicking the top right 3 bars ( on the webpage) then scroll down and you should see “adaptive training” below the “early access” option. If that doesn’t work :man_shrugging:

Not really though I have had some race days with shorter runs when a long run is usually scheduled.

It seems the swim and run adaptations have all disappeared though, after I marked yesterdays swim and run as completed. :man_shrugging:

Adaptive training isn’t an option below early access

I suggest emailing so they can make sure settings are correct on their side, and give you the best directions for the next steps.

I do know you need to follow the steps in the acceptance email before you get the AT actually “turned on”. So, if you haven’t done that, make sure to follow the steps in that email.


Hehe, I have the same problem!

I excitedly followed the link only to be told it’s invalid. Then I realised my “You’ve been added to the Adaptive Training closed beta!” email went to a different email address than the one I’m signing in with.

I tried updating my TR email address to the one I got the email to, but it still says the link is invalid. :frowning:

(I’ve emailed support@)

There is only one step in the email - click on the link

But the link is invalid

Not sure what I have failed to do here

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Same here.

OK, email support and see if they can sort it out.

Same here. Worst joke ever.