Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

I’m planning on attempting a 5hr century in a few weeks and was looking at comparable workouts, I’ll be going with Highland +2 (level 9.5) , not currently recommended to me (I’m level 4.4 endurance but level 9.5 sweet spot, so obviously not worried lol)

I seem them typically upon completion of a workout. Make certain that your survey results got recorded into the workout. You can see the summary in the Career page of the web (if your screen is large enough), or the website viewing the workout, (there may be other ways). If that is missing, add it.

Other than that, I sometimes see one on the next day when opening my Career or Calendar on the web.

Quick update on this, it looks like if an athlete swaps out a block for a polarized block, then they will get polarized workouts adapted!

If you have swapped out a custom block with the method pictured below, the adaptations you are experiencing at this moment are not guaranteed to follow a polarized framework. These plans are still in their experimental phase and as such, we simply haven’t built for that edge case yet.
If you don’t mind the changes, then you are all set! If you want to maintain the polarized framework, I’d recommend you just add the block in an ad-hoc manner. For your case, being on a polarized plan means you’ll still see changes in your progression levels with AT, and be able to track how you feel via surveys.


I’m newly in the AT beta. Today I did an outdoor workout on my wahoo bolt which I’ve since discovered doesnt yet count towards my AT/progression. Howevery question is about the survey post workout as I received nothing to follow around completing a survey.

If I look ony ride via Android app (and any previous ones which were completed indoors via iPad) I can see ‘missing response’ under the workout which if I click it is asks how the ride felt but with no options visible, just save/cancel.

If I view the workouts on the webpage via my android device and click on the … there is an option to ‘update survey response’ which simply gives me the same question of how hard was the workout and a range of options but then no other questions at all. That’s it.

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@IvyAudrain how does AT treat outdoor workouts done by RPE? Does it just ignore them? Does it ask you if you were successful? Just it assume you were successful? Thanks!

Our goal is to have AT utilize all of your training data to make adjustments to your training, and we are actively working on different ways to address that specific scenario. :relaxed:


I’d be interested to see what would happen if you loaded a workout and then just completely ignored it. I.e. Load Andrews and then do 90 mins of 30/30s. It would probably just give you a fail on the endurance workout, but would be cool if it would increase your level on VO2 max or threshold.

When you push a ride outdoors you don’t have a power target as a single figure but a band, think it’s somewhere between 5% & 10% either side of the nominal target power. I would imagine that if you loaded something like Pettit and then did a set of 2 minute VO2max intervals instead it would just show you being outside the parameters of the workout but not sure as whether it (AT) would recognise you doing a VO2max workout.

The system does expect you to “follow the plan”, I finished my last outdoor workout about five minutes early - that’s just the way the workout fitted the roads - and I got the “reasons for failure” questionnaire. I chose the “didn’t fail” option and then got the successful RPE questionnaire.


Thanks for that @IvyAudrain…but as of today how are outdoor workouts based on RPE treated?

Not accounted for yet, in the way that unstructured rides are not yet. :+1:


Steady progress until last week when things really sped up. I’m going to keep eating my Wonka bars until I get my very own golden ticket.



:sweat_smile: love it
I’m not in yet either, but in no hurry since the new plans have released. I’m looking forward to working my way through them stock.

Just did Gibraltar -2 outside on my Garmin 130.
progressionlevel Tempo 6.2
Marked it as Moderate.

My progressionlevel still is 3.7 tempo.

No pending adaptations yet.
My gut feeling says it would change up a bit?

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Glad you mention this bit of history, because it offers another perspective on the current ferment in this and related threads. Actually a number of fellow old cranks had been periodically pestering TR in the forum about periodic promises from 2015 or 2016 that Masters plans were right around the corner. Like me, most of us really liked TR but could get grumpy, as now, in recounting the ways it was letting us down, and needle the team about the repeated postponement of the promised plans for us – in favor of calendars, outside rides, a plan builder, group rides, and all that gadgetry. Hmph! Nice, I guess. But where are the remedies you promised our old bones! The countdown you cite was the culmination, and the response to that was vague and tantalizing in equal parts, basically “we know, we know, but just you wait!”

In hindsight, probably worth the wait. I remember mentally mumbling “but still no Masters plans” during the Big Announcement of AT. It was only after I finally updated to the app that included TrainNow, and started using it, that I realized that in my case at least the new “intelligent” tools would likely address the older athletes’ issues better than one more fixed plan for an (indeterminately) older person. If they keep basing my new prescription/dose on how I’ve responded to an earlier one, then my age will likely be adjusted for as well, without the separate plan I was absolutely convinced I had to have.

All I know is that I’m happier with the new TR – bugs, warts, and all – than I have been in 5 years, and have been using it more and to better purpose, it feels, than ever before. No Masters plan. Likely I don’t need it. Likely it gave me something better. I’m a little curious what these threads will look like in another year or two.


I’m still regularly having outdoor workouts incorrectly classified when I’ve easily hit all the workout targets and assuming you feel you completed the workout successfully may well be the same issue. I’d email support to let them know.

I did Bluebell+1 on Tuesday outdoors, exceeded the target watts by at least 10W on all of the work intervals and it wasn’t deemed a completed workout. The more incorrectly assessed outdoor workouts that TR get to look at hopefully the quicker it will be resolved.

“Unfortunately, it looks like you’re running into a known issue here. Occasionally outside workout outcomes don’t get correctly classified. We’re actively working on a solution for this issue to improve the classification of outside workouts.”

“Adaptive Training only works with custom plans, in terms of suggesting adaptations.”

Does this mean that AT is not adapting my SSBLV II plan?

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@IvyAudrain - I guess my plan really is Polarized

This is one of the TR experimental polarized base plans.


I just got into the beta program. Is there a primer somewhere that explains everything?


Wait, is that right? Everything they’ve been saying is “the new plans work on their own, but they REALLY work with AT.”

(“Custom plan” in this context means a Plan Builder plan, which customizes a long-term plan for you built from the standard plans and training blocks. If you want AT to make changes, you have to use Plan Builder.)