Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Still true to SNP approach though? :wink:
Cheers Dave!

You can check if AT is enabled on the web by going to Account → Adaptive Training. It sounds like it is no longer disabled for you.

Good idea.

Ok, I see I am disabled :man_shrugging:

AI is so mysterious. Hard to say if it is worth asking support about it.

If I build a plan based on a single A event, and then go back and add a few more B events in the lead up to that A even, Will Adaptive training automatically readjust the plan to account for those B events?

Has there been any comment from TR about the decision to display people’s real name (vs. username) on the new (AT) Career page? @IvyAudrain?

I ask simply because it’s a change in behaviour from the old one. Clearly, we can all make our accounts Private so that other users cannot see our Career page, and hence our real name, but this change in behaviour may possibly catch some people out, “leaking” their name before they realise the change has occurred… :man_shrugging:

Providing the scope for people’s names to be revealed, without simultaneously defaulting people’s accounts to Private, seems a bit “cavalier”.


I believe if you’re in AT, full name may be visible. Looking into this now!


I know about the requirement of needing to use plan builder for AT to adapt your plan accordingly.

I recently took a short break from the bike while traveling, and would love to jump straight back into build, but can’t simply add the build block due to the constraint mentioned.

Is there a reason this is not listed on the ‘Known Issue Section’.

That’s definitely a data breach reportable to the ICO.

I don’t want to be the one to report it so I hope you’re on top of it.

I think, what you need to do is set the start date of plan builder into the past, I recently wanted to do this, so set the PB start date to 30th Map 2021, and then the build section starts this week


Technically yes - this is Plan Builder rather than AT functionality, but yes it should work. I found all it really does is replace the workout and possibly add an opener for Bs though.

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For some reason when I delete a swim workout from the tri plan, AT is suggesting adaptations to lower my bike workouts. Has anyone else noticed this?

I am in the beta. When does a survey appear? Where does one find their progression levels chart? I am assuming there is a certain amount of time for AT to learn my training?

You get surveys when you complete workouts.

Progrrssion Levels are visible in your Career page.

I’m not getting surveys after completing workouts bc (I assume) I’m doing them outside on a wahoo. I have to wait for it to upload to Strava and then to TR and then I go in and click on “missing response” and then I get the survey.

Inside or out. I will go poke around, but I am not seeing “missing response” or Progression Levels on my Career page. I guess I go to support. Thanks!

Yes, you update the survey after your outside ride.

My point is that I have to go find the survey on my own by clicking on the ride in the calendar; it doesn’t pop up and ask me to do it.

Yup, see upthread

I get that behaviour using a Garmin for outdoor workouts so I don’t think it’s Wahoo related.

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