Adapting/Matching VDOT to RPE paces


Just looking at the triathlon plans from what I have written down a few years ago.

So REP 1- 10 to match vdot…

Would it be anything below 6 is Easy
6 = Marathon pace
7 - Threshold
8 - Interval
9 - Repetition
10 - Sprint ?

To add marathon pace is a race pace or like a half ironman type effort so hopefully this is correct :slight_smile:

To confirm over 45 mins at marathon pace would be quite a hard effort




Would it be anything below or at 6 is Easy
6 = Aerobic
7 - Marathon Pace
8 - Threshold
9 - Interval
10 - Repetition

Just looking at the some of the run notes

Long Base Run Let’s get things rolling with your longest run to date all the way up at 2 steady hours of Easy-Moderate, RPE6 pace mileage.

Base Run + Strides run 40 minutes at RPE6 pace and include 6x20-second relaxed sprints at RPE10 with 40 seconds of rest after each one.

It would seem 6 is aerobic, and 10 is a “relaxed sprint”

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That seems to fit into the above vdot - repetition being hard but long enough to carry over say 400m with enough rest in between. Certainly makes sense then as that long run is at aerobic pace