"Achievable" Workouts Are Not Productive

kinda feel like a loser, or at the very least I’m going backwards. Thoughts?

Let me fix that for you.

Going backwards = skipping workouts (unless you physically, mentally, life-stuff need to)

Losing = giving up (quitting training entirely)

You got on the bike and started a workout. You stuck it out to the end, even if you dialed the last interval down a bit. That’s winning the consistently get on the bike battle and winning the push yourself through the workout battle.

How many times have we heard on the podcast that training consistently is the most significant predictor of improvement? I’ve run out of fingers and I use the abacus hands trick when I count.


lol. Thanks mate.

Of course you’re not a loser or going backwards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sometimes the body just needs more rest and it can’t be rushed. I know it’s psychologically a downer to see any numbers going down, but that’s just software. Meanwhile, the actual physical body is getting stronger since adaptations are actually made during recovery

It will be nice when TR comes out with recovery modeling, so that we can see some numbers go up as a result of rest.

That’s a really insightful outlook. Thank you.